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Suddenly a motor bike came screeching to a halt near my side splashing rain water on my new dress. I was already drenched while waiting for the bus at the bus stop, the winds were hard and the downpour was heavy. It was quarter to nine at night. I had been to my friend’s house for her birthday. The dark clouds were hovering since evening but till the time I left her place, there was no such sign of rain else I would have stayed back…

“Hey, what are you up to? Don’t you have manners?”  I literally shouted at him.

“What happened?”  He replied back casually as if nothing happened. So unmindful he was I thought to myself.

“You splashed waters on me & you are asking me” This time too my pitch was high.

“Sorry, I didn’t do .It was the bike who did the mistake & you are already drenched, it just added a bit more” His casualness ignited my anger.

“So irresponsible you are. It’s your bike.” I mumbled. It was quite late and I was new to this place so I did not want to drag the conversation at this time of the hour that too with a stranger. I grumbled within.

“Hey, are you waiting for someone?” he said

“How does it concern you?” I snapped

“Are you new to this city?” another question.

Was he a question box, idiot. I fumed within.

“Don’t you see I am at the bus stop so naturally waiting for the bus? Please don’t disturb me, do your job. Please leave me alone” I bashed him again.

I was already irritated been fixed on way due to heavy pours and more concerned about my safety. I was new to this city and the news of eve teasing etc. was already taking toll of me, already worried n this guy queries ignited my worries more.

The guy was watching me with utter coolness though I had been so rude with him (a realization sets in when we do it deliberately.) which raised my suspicion & I was alert. The roads were empty and was pouring incessantly. One or two cars or bikes passed but there was no sign of any bus. I was looking hither thither in anxiety.

“See, I’m sure you are new to this place. I am a nice person willing to help you out. At this time of hour in heavy rain, you won’t get a bus. I can drop you if you don’t mind. Don’t feel afraid.” He said with a concern in his tone.

I was totally petrified and confused. It was true that been new to this place, I couldn’t manage myself but how could I trust this unknown guy at an unknown city after hearing or reading so many cases of harassment every now and then. I was stuck in a dilemma n couldn’t think further. I checked time; it was 9:30 pm and I felt my heart pounding. He sensed my anxiety.

“Believe me; I will drop you at your place safely. Don’t overthink it’s already quite late. Rains in Chennai are terrible and soon areas get inundated, it will be difficult for you.” He pacified. He really had the patience what I noticed in between the conversation.

I had no choice but to agree. Tears welled up & I was feeling helpless. With a belief in god, I agreed.

He gave me his wind cheater to cover myself and started the bike asking me to hold the handles tight to balance myself because there might be pot holes on the road. He asked the location where I was staying. I was not keen to share but in this situation, I left all on my God Ganesha hoping that he would save me (may be this guy was his person in disguise to help me out.). I wasn’t god fearing but in this situation, I had pinned all my beliefs on him.

He dropped me safely at my PG in less than twenty minutes and I was lucky to reach safely.

“Thanks a lot” I said simply though my heart n mind thanked him profusely to come as a savior, really it was a big thing to reach my place safe at this odd time. I thanked my stars too.

As I turned to return the windcheater, I was astounded by his amazing demeanour, protruding eyes, prominent nose, broad shoulders n ruffled hair and rain dropping from his hair to his face stole my heart. In this one hour for the first time I saw him directly into him & my heart quipped. For seconds, I was lost in my thoughts.

“Bye.” He said & started off his bike and accelerated in full speed again splashing waters on my dress but this time I wasn’t angry. I smiled to myself and rushed inside.

The memory of this short meeting still pops up in my mind often and I secretly wish to meet this guy, but the irony of this meeting was, we brushed, we chided but we did not ask about each other nor exchanged numbers.

I am really thankful to the stranger who helped me on that fateful night and safely dropped me at my place… Still there are good people on this earth and because of few idiots, we distrust all. Really I was thankful to this guy n his magical ways had cast a spell on me.

Whenever, the musical pitter-patter strums, my heart beats for him and a desire soars to search him but where…Thank you Stranger…hoping to meet him someday if it is destined.

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