Friday, June 3, 2016

Redi To Spin With The Datsun Redi-GO

Since childhood, I had a craze for driving and my ultimate passion and desire was to sit behind the wheels, steering down the known and unknown roads & lanes, enjoying a bumpy ride and my favourite numbers playing in the backdrop. A day came and my fantasy got a break and I was sitting behind the wheels. The feelings that I went through cannot be simplified into words. I satiated my enticing desire by driving series of cars from long to sleek ones for more than two decades.

Having fascination for cars, I am in a lookout to get a comfortable car for my son and enjoy watching his driving skills sitting beside to him. Though the craze & thrill of driving does not let me take a back seat rather my heart leaps forward to take the steering in my hand but then I introspected and found that I was been selfish, trying again to burn my desire, but now it is the right time to hand over the keys to my son and enjoy the bliss of his heart throb drive. Really…it would be a dream come true watching him behind the wheels.

Throughout their school life, they have been the spectator of my driving and high-five my driving skills and I could see Fun, Freedom and Confidence sailing on their faces when I drove them to school or went on fun spree with them.

As I was sailing in the cyber world, I came across the website of Nissan introducing the first over Urban cross, The Datsun redi-GO and the unique & striking feature and design of car caught my attention and I visited the website to grab details of it and I found it worthy to surprise my son with The Datsun redi-GO by Nissan, the grand launching is on the cards, 07th June 2016. I found the price is within the reach of my pocket with superb features.

A dashing four wheeler with an Ex-showroom price tag of 2.4 lakh  is quite realistic, easy to realize dream of possessing simply irresistible four wheeler in your porch.

The current generation are more conscious of the appearance and wish to avail maximum comfort out of it. They believe in rising above the norms of society and that’s why we, at Datsun, refer to them as the ‘ready-to-go’ generation. A generation that believes in doing more, and who’re always on the go. India’s youth deserve a machine that strengthens their sense of freedom, a machine that gives them the confidence to go further. 

One that’s full of fun and life, just like them. Get ready, The Datsun redi-GO is here, to drive you to your destination.

The features are irresistible and tough to assess what are the three best features of it. I would say it was difficult for me to pick three best out of all best.

Been ardent lover of cars, the most striking and appealing feature is the YUKAN design, which gives a sporty look to it and the person driving will feel like sailing on adventure and the young guys will adore the compact & sleek design with robust stance.

  • Smooth and sleek silhouette.
  • Lean & dynamic side character lines.
  • Modern yet functional driver oriented feel. Accentuated by sophisticated dark & light Gereige coordination.
  • Stylish, sporty, and practical instrument panel.
  • The touch of silver adds a premium appeal.

The second one is the Spacious Interior because comfort level is very important for the person handling the steers and the family gets enough legroom to sprawl and enjoy the luxury of long drive and can tuck in the required luggage when the family and friends are on errand.

The third important feature is fuel economy and it will be easy for my son who has gained financial independence just a year back, so naturally, it will be a great relief and he will enjoy to steer around without a thought of managing separate finance for the car maintenance.The 799cc engine provides a peppy response and an impressive fuel economy of 25.17 km/L.

Regarding test drive, I would prefer to accelerate on the roads of Delhi with my son and experience the zing of driving in the comfort zone of The Datsun redi-GO by Nissan.
The features that I will look for in the test drive of The Datsun redi-GO will be fuel efficiency, ease in handling power steering and the augmented brakes, best in ground clearance to save from bumping on the speed breakers and of course the power of air-conditioning which is a must for the scorching summers of Delhi.

Fun. Freedom. Confidence. The ultimate UrbanCross,  - Datsun redi-GO - the capability of a crossover with the convenience of a hatchback.

With these ultimate features as featured in news update, advertisements and website of Datsun, I am sure it will help us to beat the urban driving blues on the roads of Delhi. I am sure the compact and sleek design and an option to take a full turn-around with just a 4.7-metre turning radius, which will be handy if ever fixed in a tight spot, will readily help to beat the heavy traffic blues of the capital Delhi.

Looking forward for a test drive and I am REDI to spin with the redi-GO of Datsun, Nissan.

Are you REDI?

Picture Credits: Datsun

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