The sight of a Man leaves you with a sigh

His dynamics makes you awe

His proximity gives you strength to endure the odds

No Man on earth matches him

He is the only one male companion

Where you feel safe & secure

He is your pride

Who is He?

The first love of a lady

Her Father, Pa or Dad

However you call

You always try to follow him

Happy Father’s Day To All Fathers.

One day is not enough to celebrate

Why not we take out minutes five from our busy schedule to make him feel the presence of his children around, who are still a toddler in his eyes, how tall you grow, it doesn’t matters, in his eyes, you fit in as a small cute kid… 🙂

A small prayer for My Father, few lines scribbled in his thought.

On This Day
I just Pray
May God Bless my Father
Easing his suffering
Adding Smiles, Good Health
Returning Vigour & Brightness on his face
Keeping the sorrows away…Amen



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