Abhay innate
desire was to be a carbon copy of his Dad, Mr.Rajeev a dashing IPS officer. He
tried to imitate his styles of presenting himself, walking, commanding and
ordering. As a person, Rajeev was a humble and down to earth person but his
official status demanded to maintain a demeanour which was reverse of his true
personality. Boys try to imitate their father in their teens and Abhay a boy of
hardly 14-15 years was no exception. He was so impressed by his personality
that he imitated his styles and in this rat race, he was becoming dominant and
rough in his ways of interaction. This abrupt change in his behaviour in his
mid-teens was a matter of concern for his parents and his mother Aruna could
not digest.
Aruna too was
a mild lady and was well-mannered and watching his son behaving like a rogue
was intolerable.
The height was
one day Abhay’s Dad found him with his service revolver. He was enraged and he
thrashed him severely. Hearing the commotion upstairs, his mother too reached
and she fainted at the sight of revolver in her son’s hand. This was the last
thing that she could expect from her only son.
Rajeev was
mentally perturbed and decided to sit and discuss with his son, why his
behaviour was on rapid change and that too not on right direction. He well knew
that the teenagers are the tough creatures to handle and this physical abuse
will not change him for the good rather the result can worsen the situation and
he needed immediate attention.
Next morning,
he asked Abhay to pack the bags for an outing. Abhay too was perplexed but he
obeyed the orders of his Dad. Aruna too sighted her husband with a questionable
look but did not indulge in questionnaires because she had immense faith in her
husband, Rajeev and she was well-acquainted with his tactics to handle.
Rajeev stopped
the car on the highway, away from the posting town, where none recognised him
as a Police Officer and it was easy for him to be on excursion with his son.
This was their first outing without Aruna at side.
They eased
themselves in a hotel and then they retreated for the restaurant to fill their
tummies and satiate the mind with the queries flaring in both minds…Rajeev
& Abhay.
Abhay could
not understand the purpose of unplanned outing and though he was enjoying the
proximity of his father but he was alarmed too for the bombarding and Rajeev
mind was on windmill…how to discipline Abhay who had started to tread on wrong
Rajeev went
into a trance…down to the memory lane when his father had confronted him
playing marbles with the rustics of the town. His father had beat him black and
blue and locked him in a dark dingy room and he was locked for two days without
food and his mother could not supersede his father’s orders and she too was
without food for whole two days. This beating mended his life’s way forever and
he transformed into a dutiful son and a respectable figure of town and his hard
work and intellect applauded him with cracking Civil Services with a reasonable
afternoon Sir…here is the menu card. Order please.” The sudden voice of the
waiter broke his reverie and he returned to present.
He moved the
card towards Abhay and asked him to place the orders as per his choice for both
of them.
Abhay saw his
father with awe but did not spell out anything. He placed the orders for lunch.
there is a sudden change in your behaviour, is anything bothering you?” Rajeev
enquired with Abhay.
“Papa, I don’t
think so, please tell me…what are your complains?”
“Beta…I am
finding enormous change in your behaviour, your ways of interactions…you are
becoming rough day by day…don’t you know how dangerous revolver is…how you
dared to touch my service revolver. Don’t you know if any untoward incident
takes place with service revolver, my prestige and power will be at stake? Why
you are down this line?” Finally Rajeev cleared his observations regarding
“Papa…there is
nothing as such. I am a great fan of yours and I want myself to fit in your
shoes…your persona as a Police officer impresses me a lot and I am trying to
imitate your styles in uniform. I was posing with your service revolver…no
other intentions.” Abhay replied.
Rajeev was
stunned with his son’s reply and a lone tear trickled down his cheeks and he
was filled with remorse…guilt of misunderstanding his innocent son.
“Papa, why are
you crying? I am sorry if I have hurt you in any way.” Saying this, he came
near Rajeev and circled him in his small arms, giving a soft peck.
Rajeev took
him in his lap and showered kisses and hugs and it washed the burden of guilt
that he was carrying since more than twenty four hours and he felt quite
you seen me behaving untoward in my family and friends. I am tough in my job.
If you really wish to imitate me then try to procure strength from me to endure
odds of life and inculcate habit of working hard and one day, you will be on
much better position than I hold today and that day will be the best day of my
life…I have to manage criminals & tricksters so I am tricky and tough but
that’s my artificial enamour dear. The real self is this me that you encounter
every day.”
“Yes Sir…here
is your order…It’s my pleasure to serve you…Welcome…dine and enjoy.” The waiter
interrupted us and laid the table artistically.
is nothing to worry…your star is on right path…prepare dinner of our choice, we
will be right there by late night…good bye my love.” Abhay called up Aruna to
deliver the good news that there was nothing to worry.
Abhay and
Rajeev felt relaxed and enjoyed the meal and high five the order placed by his
They packed
their bags and with loud songs played in the Scorpio, Rajeev accelerated to
full speed to return back to Aruna who was waiting for her love, Rajeev and
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