Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Don'ts for Swaddling - #Healthcare #Manipal Hospitals

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Swaddling is an old technique wherein the new-born baby is wrapped in a blanket or soft fabric as per the climate of the region. It is wrapped snuggly around baby’s body resembling the mother’s womb and it soothes new-born and calm the crying or irritated baby and induce them to sleep for long hours without giving discomfort to new mother and the people attending the baby.
For safe and effective swaddling, the baby should be on back and it should be wrapped in a befitting (neither loose nor tight) way that the baby is able to breathe properly and can ease their limbs and thus, it was advisable for swaddling of new born under trained medical personnel because a faulty wrapping can result to SIDS or Sudden infant death syndrome.
This technique was advisable for just born to two months of baby’s life, but the people benefited from this technique as they had to be less vigilant for the baby so they continued the swaddling process for a longer duration thereby posing threat to child’s life.
The medical research and studies on swaddling have concluded that it is fatal and one of the major causes of SIDS or Sudden infant death syndrome, hence the medical fraternity are against this practice and strictly discourages swaddling in view of well-being of child and parents thereby reducing the risk of Sudden infant death syndrome.
These days even new born babies are active and curl on sides on their own and it’s a sure risk if babies are swaddled. There are chances that the fabric gets entangled with their bodies or cover their faces and they succumb due to suffocation.
If a swaddled baby lies down on his stomach, the risk of SIDS is enhanced.
Swaddling raises the heat of the body and can lead to medical emergencies or SIDS can occur due to overheating.
Wrong swaddling can damage his proper development, endanger his health and can constrict breathing increasing the potential risk of SIDS.
Many companies are coming up with varieties of blankets, fabric or fastener to swaddle the child to keep baby calm but it’s better to refrain from using techniques revolving around swaddling and enjoy the bliss of motherhood and parenthood.
A healthy crying child is better than an inactive sleeping child.
The new-born do keep the parents on toes but there is a magical bliss in achieving the feat of been blessed by a child and this bundle do brings in joys and cheers in life.
Avoid swaddling, find joys in the cries of a baby.
The quote of APJ Kalam holds true, “The only day in your life …Your mother smiled when you cried.”


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