I feel lucky to be chosen by the author Prince Simson for the book review of his novel, “Let Me Die” by the Publisher, Dream House Publications.

The plot is quite realistic, a story of a neighborhood which takes place amidst our society and the twists and turns of the plot keeps you glued till the end. The end is quite tragic and it shudders our soul with many erupting queries.

It is about a character Robin Das, who hails from a simple family and his family dreams are set on him. He joins the engineering college and befriends two guys, IAS and Chetan, his roommates. They all gel well. Robin is attracted to a girl, Kriti of the same college and he is able to impress the girl and the first part of story progresses with his love life. The girl hails from an affluent class unlike Robin and Robin did not discloses his original status rather he finds a job to match the demands of her love life. Their relationship is short-lived as Robin is not interested to dwell in physical relationship and eventually the girl walks away from his life. The scar of ditching is severe for Robin and it is difficult to face the trauma of failed relationship.

On way to get out of shock of his love life, he accidentally spots Ashma and feels a spark for her. Again he gets into the relationship in spite of dissuasion from his roommate Chetan who despises this relationship on account of disparity of religion.

The fate of Robin is decided and hence he overlooks his friend’s advice and gets involved with Ashma.

With time, the relationship progresses to an advanced stage and this time on the insistence of his friends, he makes a mistake of indulging in physical relationship.

The perspective behind it was not to quench the thirst of sex but it was to seal the relationship forever, but did it help? No, rather it became a reason to spoil the life of two families.

The two families lost their kids forever.

The roommate betrayed Robin and captured the intimate acts of the duo and circulated its video in cyber space and when it came into the knowledge of the girl, who came from a family below poverty line and the lives of many were on stake to her settlement.

She could not accept and hence ended her life.

Robin was devastated by the loss of Ashma and when he becomes aware of the reason behind her suicide, he holds himself responsible and it becomes tough to bear the trauma.

After the death of Ashma, the trio visits her parents and comes to know of her originality.

Robin dares to sell his organ for a reasonable amount and transfers half amount to Ashma family to meet their needs and half to his parents and ends his life to meet his love reigning in heaven.

It is an act of repentance by the character of the novel for the guilt that he carries and holds him responsible for the end of life, Ashma.

I would suggest the book –lovers to buy the book “Let Me Die” and read what turns & twists of events takes place. It is an emotional piece and the emotions will be stirred of the readers.

It is a story of Love, Mistake and Sacrifice to repent the committed sins.

The teenage minds are like clay and it gets easily moulded as per the situation and in love, one becomes daring.

My advice to the teenagers is to think twice before taking a step, if ever you get entangled in situations, seek advice of seniors instead of friends of same age especially in teens and there are many ways to repent rather than ending one’s life.

In stories, the plot is so chosen to stir the minds of audience but in life, don’t ever think of suicide. It is too a sin.

The author Prince Simson has done justice with the novel and has been able to engage the minds of audience. Just a bit of request, I have for the author to rectify the grammatical errors, though the author has declared in the beginning itself not to consider him Master of English language, but still with the help of editing team, it can be sorted out.

I wish the author great success for this book and wish him great success for his future endeavours.

My Ratings 4/5.

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  • Story line doesn't seem very appealing…

  • Rajeev…it is a lesson for the youngsters who goes astray and how they entangle their lives…in the case of rising suicides, MMS and love affairs are also the basic reason. There need to be a guidance of a senior who can pull out the teenagers from straying on wrong path…but generally the youngsters take the opinion of their friends and land into trouble.

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