“Divya…Please come to my room, I need your presence…no
excuses dear…”

A message pinged on my mobile. I checked my watch, it was
nearing to midnight. A cold shiver ran through my spine.

Why Tia wants me at this odd time, never before she has
troubled me?

Is it a foul play by some mischievous guy of our hostel?

Many questions flashed in my mind.

I thought that it would be better if I call and ask her
directly. I rang up Tia.

“Hey Tia…are you okay? I got your message…what happened???”

“Yes…Divya…do come…I know its odd hour…but I need you.”

Untoward thoughts emerged inside me and I started for her

When I reached her room, I found her eyes red and soar and a
terrified look sailed on her face. She wrapped herself around me and started

I tried to console her but it was difficult for her. I took
her to the bed and gave her a glass of water and asked her to control herself
and brief me the reason of her nervousness and deep seated fear.

The incident that she shared with me bewildered me and I
found myself at wits. It seemed that darkness has plunged everywhere.

Tia had lost her father at a very young age and her mother
raised her well in spite of great hardships. When Tia left the home for her
higher studies, her mother felt desolate and developed a soft corner for his
senior colleague, who was yet a bachelor.

Tia and her mother shared a close companionship and she
shared her feelings. Tia analysed her Mum’s feeling and gave her approval to
move further in the relationship and when she feels that the man that she is
seeing is of her worth, they could enter into wedlock.

She found her Mum dazzling in love and she was happy and
comfortable for her.

These days the man who was seeing her mother called her
often…in the beginning, she took it as the man is trying to build relationship
of a foster father and trying to get acquainted with her…but his calls at odd
hours alerted her. She did not feel comfortable and started avoiding him…but
his approach did not end.

He started visiting her college often and tried to touch her
on some pretext or the other. His touch was vulnerable and Tia started avoiding
him giving lame excuses to be away from the clutches of this weird man.

She wanted to spill the beans to her Mum but when she
watched her mother on Skype brimming with happiness, she stopped herself. She
did not want to snatch her happiness that has entered after a long pause of gloominess
in her life. She knew that she did not had to stay with her Mum and this man
can be avoided or he may change once they start staying together.

But today what this rogue had done was not to be excused and
it was essential to inform her mother but Tia could not gather courage. A fear
sat deep inside her after today’s evening incident.

She was strolling in the ground when she felt an unknown
grip on her waist and when she turned with a shriek, she found the same man who
was stalking her had held her and he tightened his grip and a wild smile was
sailing on her face. He tried to snuggle his hand inside her top but the
instant impulse of Tia saved her and she was free from the clutches of this

She bit his hand which was trying to outrage her modesty and
kicked him hard in his groins.

She ran out from the ground and locked herself in her room.
She was shivering with fear and after an hour, a message flashed on her mobile
which faded the colour of her face and she started trembling with fear.

“No way, you can be saved Tia. I am seeing your Mom because
of you. Your ravishing beauty and figure has charmed me and your Mother is a
ladder to come close to you. You are mine and I will make you mine…remember.”

I took her in my arms and consoled her and waited for the
dawn to break.
At seven a.m., I called Tia’s mom and informed her that we both are dropping at her place.

“Is everything fine…Where is Tia?” and many questions
erupted from her side.

“Perfectly normal Aunty…just wish to have breakfast prepared
by your hand. We are missing home-made food.” I told her keeping my tone very

We reached Tia’s place and found Aunty waiting for us.

“Sorry Mom…” Tia took Mom in her arms and cried out loud.

“What happened Dear? What is the matter Divya?” She cried
out loud.

I took them inside and showed the message of that rogue who
was following Tia as a leech and disclosed the happenings thereafter.

“Hello Police Station…”

FIR was lodged against that rogue and his messages proved to
be the witness of his encounters and he was arrested under the charges of

A new dawn dawned into the life of Mom and daughter who was
saved from the encounters of the animal who would have made life hell of both
the ladies.

A smile pursed on my lips seeing the duo closer to each
other and away from the fear of the Man who had tried to disturb Tia.

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Disclaimer: It is a fictitious story and any resemblance to any one in just a coincidence.

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