Glance of Ariel matic Pack received

In my home, Laundry is not at all a woman’s job, rather I
will say that a lot of washing is done by my kind husband who shows his extreme
kindness to me by sharing the load of laundry, cleaning and cooking. The pace
at which he does, sometimes, I am confused who is the home minister of the
house, Me or Him and I feel envious about it….The word “J’ synonymous with
Woman…hope most will agree.

I think we both are compatible to a great extent in
household work because maximum load of household work is shared. Yeah, there
was a time when he was not so well-versed in domestic works at the time of our
marriage but still he was well-conversant with laundry techniques (it wasn’t a
regime of washing machines, it was a regime of hand wash) and kept his clothes
well- maintained. He can iron out clothes better than the washer man and knows
the technique of folding them. The reason behind was the irony of fate, he had
lost his mother when he was a student so he learnt to maintain his things,
though he was a big zero in kitchen work.

When I took the charge of the house, I solely managed all
out of choice and rather you can say out of my Man’s love but it was
short-lived. Once I was blessed with motherhood, I was too much pre-occupied
with chores and so my husband had to take the reins in his hand too, to run the
home smoothly giving me time for my Me-time and even breathing…hahahaha…Women complain that they don’t get time to

                                                           We Two

We purchased the machine way back in 1991 and both of us
learnt to operate and the marathon of washing clothes began…my both kids were 3
and 1 years of age…so well you can understand the load of clothes to spin in
semi-automatic machines.

I made him understand the rules of washing, to separate the
coloured clothes from whites and to be conscious about the clothes which gave
out colours.

                                               My Better Half

At present, I am using third fully automatic top loading
machine of Whirlpool in a row of 24 years and it is an indispensable part of
household now.

Normally, we load the machines in week day’s evenings, keeping
ourselves free on weekends for relishing good food and rest.

I am blessed with two sons, so my house is a house with
majority of males but they are so desperate in doing household work that
sometime, I have to yell at them that this is my house and I am the queen and
not you all…well you can watch their faces after my comment…and they say in
unison, “Is it so…then we are dropping
our hats…manage all by yourself.”

I wish that other families should too adopt the habit of
sharing the load, it is not the woman’s world anymore where both are working
and even if one is not working, she needs someone to help and rescue her from
the load and the free moments can be spent to pursue one’s hobby or enjoy each
other’s company.

The Ariel matic detergent is wonderful and is doing the job
of washing in perfection. The clothes come out immaculate clean from the
washing machines and it can be a neighbor’s envy till we don’t spill out the
reason of our clothes been spotless, clean and with shine.

I don’t think that for long, I will be able to hold the
secret, rather I will disclose it so that maximum people use it and enjoy the
Ariel matic washing for both top load and front- load machines.

I thank Blogadda profusely for choosing me and giving me a
chance to use the Ariel matic detergent and I am contended with the results.

In my household, the domestic chores are shared among
husband and my sons and I get enough support in handling rather sometime they
overdo and I feel left out….and with The Ariel matic, they will find more easy
in laundry work and they will love to indulge…I too loved to indulge and soak
in happiness.

My world is far off from gender inequality and I dream the
same for others. May all come together and share the workload and giving each
one some free time to pursue their passion.

One secret: I had transferred the detergent in our regular
detergent box, but when my husband used it for washing. He enquired me about
the detergent, finding difference in clothes, then I spilled the beans and told
him about this new product of Ariel and he was flabbergasted.

                                                           That’s Me with Ariel

Thank you Ariel for coming out with such a nice product.
Wish you all the best for future endeavours and even its price is easy on
pocket of all.

I am taking part in
the #LaundryGoesOddEven Challenge by Ariel India
at BlogAdda.

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