The use of Mehndi is age old and since long, it is been used more as a cosmetic to decorate body especially hands and feet with intricate and beautiful designs to enhance beauty and charm of a person. It is more of a temporary tattoo and the womenfolk are crazy about this and its use is not limited to limbs rather it is in vogue to get the designs made on forearms and the upper back and the gals and ladies love to flaunt with it.
Once it was profusely used on weddings, festivals and on auspicious occasions but nowadays people prefer to indulge often and especially weekends are a choice for the ladies of today. Previously, womenfolk were in this profession but now the guys have taken entry in this domain and they are widely accepted and none has inhibitions today. Time changed and the mind-set too.
Sneak into a mall or a parlor and you will find girls and womenfolk getting their body decorated with ethnic designs of Mehndi.  
Two decades back, its demand was in festivities and on auspicious occasions but nowadays, it is a day to day affair.
As I was exploring online, I dropped in at the site of ethnico and the amazing & variety of designs caught my attention.
Diverse designs for Bridal mehndi and the designs vary for each body part, varied designs for hand, wrist, and finger and as I told you earlier back mehndi and body mehndi are too in vogue and are getting popular day by day.
There are designs from outside country too like Arabic and Pakistani mehndi designs and each designer artist contribution is different from one another and you have amazing choices to choose as per your occasions and choice.
Hey readers, I would love to share the designs and read my views about it. I am sure you will love  and I would be elated if you add in your comments and drop on ethnico for yourself to marvel the designs. 

I will show you few designs and by venturing, you would able to assess the marvellous designs.
Let us start with the Bridal ones, the much in demand and the young gals will love to indulge.
Exquisite full Mehndi design for Brides…lovely.

The Arabic Mehndi design for ladies of all age group, anyone can flaunt with it and people around will envy you.

The Back mehndi design will give you a look of sexy back and the eyes of all will rove on you. 

    Few more simple and yet beautiful designs, you will get crazy.

Wow…this was my choice and I am sure you all will love my choice and now no one can stop you from accessing ethnico and indulge in your passion of grooming yourself in one of the best ways.
Beat treat this summers with awesome and ethnic designs of Mehndi.


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