A common question asked by each individual in their childhood, what are their aspirations and inspirations?

What You Want To Be?

This question attacks the child when the child don’t even know the facts of life, still we ask. I believe, more-soever, it has become a quorum to ask, for the heck of asking question or just to entertain our self and watch the toddler’s reaction…

Very few are there, who become what they aspire to, maximum forget what they thought of in their beginning years and even the ambition keeps on changing with time and age.


Life is unpredictable, it chases us and sometimes, it knocks down shattering our dreams and aims.

My Take on What I want To Be

“I want to be a writer of my dreams and paint the canvas with the experiences of my life with my friends and foes and the world. Each day, I meet number of people, some pass, some live and some imprint their impact on my life, some become my aspirations, few inspire me and many teach me a lesson by visiting my life. I want to write my interactions with the world, it would be an interesting stuff for the readers.”

Yes, I wish my name imprinted in bold letters as an Author and wish to see my books in the hands of many across the length and breadth of the universe.

I want to Be myself

dipping the emotions

in the expressions of ink.

My Post for Prompt Be



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