My friends asked me to come to Nilgiri Hills, Bangalore for a weekend party at 7pm. As planned, I started for the same and reached the planned place on time but there I found none of my friends. I waited for some time thinking that out of curiosity, I have landed before time and shortly they will join. I tried to connect my friends Abhi and Ketan but could not connect due to network connectivity.

I parked my bike on one side of the road and started playing games. After half an hour, a message blinked on my mobile to walk towards the hill and there is a surprise for you. I could not understand what the matter was and ambled towards the Woods. I was bit apprehensive.

As I ambled further, I saw dozens of lighted candles parked on both sides of the way and a table laid in middle. It was a sight to Watch. I became conscious of my dress because I had dropped in casuals thinking that it was a party with common friends and casuals are comfortable.

I turned back to return because my mood was dampened due to my dressing style. As I turned, a sweet voice froze my steps. I could not understand what was going on with me.

Invitation in woods, table laid but none of my friends were there as decided and now a voice stopping me.

An unknown fear gripped me. I mustered courage and turned back in the direction of the voice and found a girl standing dressed beautifully in a pink gown. My heart missed a beat. I could not believe my eyes.

My eyes settled on her and unconsciously, I started moving towards her. The apprehension that was hovering since I reached Nilgiri Hills vanished in the air.

When I reached close to her, I was astounded to find my college junior Tanvi standing near the table.

“Hello Karan.” Tanvi greeted with a big smile.

“Yes Tannvee” I stammered, I was more nervous because of my casual get up.

“Be seated Karan. Your friends will join soon. It is a bash organised by me to surprise you.” She said.

“Bash in woods with so many candles. Is there anything special today?” I asked. I was bit relaxed and took my seat.

Tanvi too took the seat and she was staring my face with a big grin spread on her glowing face.

A Waitress approached with a big tray and left the place keeping the tray on the table. There was a gift pack in the tray

Tanvi opened the gift pack and strapped the watch on my wrist.

I resisted and asked her to explain the reason. It was an expensive watch and without reason, I did not wish to accept the gift.

She kissed my hand making me uncomfortable and told me that it was a token to accept her proposal for a friendship from a special friend and if all goes well, they will settle as man and wife for life.

A loud clap broke the silence of the hour and this time, they were my silly friends and it was a combined planning to surprise me.

“Relax friend. Accept her proposal. We know you like her too. Give a kick to your heart.”

I felt someone kicking me. I opened my eyes to see who the person was. It was my younger brother kicking me to wake up, I was getting late for my job-training.

It was a beautiful dream and my heart longed for Tanvi. I fixed up in mind to call her and convey my feelings for her which was bottled inside me since long.

The writing prompt for this week is ‘Waitress, Wood And Watch’

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© Ila Varma 10-04-2016


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