The inner voice that arises within me.
As we climb the ladders of life…head held high and with sparkling joy in our heart…we assumed that hay days are over and it’s a time for merry making….. unknown that the days are going to difficult than before…we felt the load of books a burden…a control of parent’s eye as if they are prying in our privacy and it felt that we were puppet in the hands of parents and we just acted on the tip of their advice…so many do & don’ts to follow which spoiled our childhood and teens age…and within us we dream t that the day we will achieve our dream then we will be loosen from the strings of hold & will carelessly enjoy each moment of life in our own way …ignorant that with the fulfillment of our hopes & aspirations we will be bounded as labor and will be a puppet in the hands of our boss and leaders…parents bonded us with love and care…… but in this race …we were burdened with peer pressure..senior pressure….and somewhere the pressure of society and family to do well….at this juncture I feel that the loads of books were a joy that cannot be reeled back…and it was a careless life..with no botheration….this joy of independence mars my life..snatches the smile of my face…inspite of currency loaded in wallet & ATM cannot take time out to watch movies..go for shopping..enjoy with friends…all my colleagues who were once easily accessible is bound under the demand of job…rustling to reach to the top…concerned to get remarkable score in appraisal’s ….to meet the demands of leader at office…so much to manage..dress management, time management…life has become a total package of management’s…..when I look down the lane of memories …. I feel to achieve more and more…I left back my joys which was to be enjoyed…even now I think that I should live life at the fullest b’coz no two moments are same…and again I don’t miss the OPPORTUNITY TO LIVE & ENJOY….Life cannot be rewind so live each second of it….so that you don’t regret later on life. KEEP SMILING
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Ila Varma
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