Monday, April 11, 2016

Haste– #A to Z Challenge 2016


Don't walk in haste

You will lose the life's taste

Amble slowly

tasting the fruits

of the seeds sown.

It's time to reap

the favors

the power you invested in.

In haste

all things go in waste.

© Ila Varma 09-04-2016

It's good to be on time but I hate people who are in a hurry. I believe that it is a status of mind to be in hurry. In hurry, you are liable to incur more mistakes. Remain Cool and taste the elixir of life.


This post is for A to Z Challenge 2016 and my details are as under.

Ila Varma

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  1. Oh, you see so much more, enjoy so much more by slowing down and noticing! Went for a bike ride round the lake near us recently and it was an entirely different journey to when I am in a car. ~Liz

  2. "Haste makes waste," so the saying goes. Best to plan cushions of time into day so that you aren't trying to do too much with not enough time. :)