Sunday, April 10, 2016

Harmony With Nature


My nephew said, “Maasi, we are destroying so much of water and petrol and I am concerned about my child’s future, at this rate of consumption, much won’t be left for them and how will they survive.”

My reaction was worth a capture, though none captured. My mouth wide open and my eyes bulging out.

This statement was from my nephew who is only ten years old. I just could not believe that a lad of 10 can be so much concerned about his coming generation and we are not. I was awestruck by his statement but I did not open up with my reaction rather I passed a joke at his statement.

“Hey, hold on. Live your life, you are a kid now and you are thinking of your kid and future, it is a long way to go.” I brushed him.

I told my sister, “Your kids are truly amazing and are farsighted, we don’t think on this wavelength but they do.”

We both laughed at them but it wasn’t a joke. It is a well-read fact.

Our ancestors believed on it and they worked on it to save nature and that was the reason that they loved to stay in villages and had plantations in acres of land, ponds, goats, cows and buffaloes and fish rearing was done in the ponds and lakes. The basic reason of this arrangement was to balance eco-system and the whole system helped in conservation of nature and people of those times were physically healthy and mentally sound.

Gradually people moved to urban areas and wound up the agricultural land and the flora and fauna was destructed. People were more concentrated on jobs and studies and did not pay heed to nature and the whole balance of nature was disturbed.

Today, the scenario is very disturbing. The change in lifestyle, deforestation, reduction in wildlife, flora and fauna mismanaged the eco-balance of nature and the impact can be well seen. There is tremendous change in temperature, the heat spell is on rise, the sheets of snow precipitating, greenery has shrunk, hence monsoon season is at worst, so altogether heat is on rise and the scientists working on it are disturbed at the nature rage.

Who is responsible for the rage in nature?

Very well, we human beings who toppled the whole system in ambition to become mechanical and now if we really wish to Save Nature, we need to work on it and the best way is to make our children aware and their change in lifestyle and ways will add in to conserve nature and they will have better mental and physical health than us and a better environment to live in.

  • Make them aware of the natural things of nature. Start planting seeds in pots and teach them to water them on time, weeding out the soil.
  • Put off lights in day time and engage them in physical activities weaning them away from mobiles, laptops, and television. Ask them to make a group of friends in neighbourhood and play outdoor games. This way energy will be conserved and emittance of poisonous gases will be slowed down.
  • Refrain from using air-conditioners 24*7. I have AC at home but we use it for two hours a day. Teach kids to avoid sitting in AC for long. It’s better to tell them the negative effects of it on nature and health and I am sure, they will understand. The habits can’t be changed in a day but initiation will gradually work on them. The kids of today are amazing, they need proper guidance.
  • Refrain from using plastics and encourage use of bio-degradable articles which will perish with time.
  • Make group of kids in communities and teach them to clean the open spaces around and water plants around. This way, they will learn the work and the place around would be clean and free from insects and mosquitoes.
  • Ask them to feed street dogs, cows and cats with the leftovers of kitchen or their tiffin, this way the grains won’t clog the drains and a life will have its share of food and a waste will be avoided.
  • Teach them the value of water and energy. Ask them to close the taps properly and use water without wasting. Teach them to put off lights, fans and other gadgets when not in use.
  • Teach them to play with nature, jumping on grasses, climbing trees, watering plants, weeding weeds out of soil and arrange contests so that they participate heartily, this way, they will develop competition to do better and enjoy the games with nature and slowly will fall in love with nature. My school mate has started initiation in this regard and her project Eco-kids is doing wonders in this arena. 

These things cannot be done in a day, even Rome wasn’t built in a day. The regular grooming will bring in change and the wonders can be seen in due time. It will take time and effort but regular persistence will bring in dominant change.

To bring in a change, we need to change ourselves first and initiate the job. Children learn by imitation so our initiative will bring in changes. The bookish knowledge won’t help.

I am adamant to bring in the changes and I have started the practice in this direction of conservation and am sure my kids will do in a much better way.

If all join hands together, the whole scenario of nature will change. We will have layers of mist laden grass carpets to tread each morning, beautiful flowers will bloom in our balcony and garden, sparrows will chirp on the window sill and we will have our share of winters, snow, rain and thunders and summers in its due time. Our eyes will have treat of snow-capped mountains, juicy fruits, waters in rivers and lakes and a beautiful morning and evening to stroll and play.

My nephew will be happy that his kids are going to have natural resources in abundance.
It is the right time to press Ctrl S and save nature from depleting.

“I’m blogging about how I’ll remind kids to press Ctrl+S for nature for the Shortcut Safaari weekend activity at BlogAdda.”



  1. I love the idea of Ctrl S- brilliant! I enjoyed your blog as well. Visiting the A to Z.
    @ScarlettBraden from
    Frankly Scarlett

  2. Very interesting post ... Nice read :)

  3. Nice one.. i really hope that Ctrl S worked for there has been no concrete steps being taken by the government with respect to nature. Development projects are being rolled out without bothering if it is affecting the ecological balance or not.