“Homemaking is a passion you can pass on from generation to
― Elizabeth George
Day before yesterday, I had been to parlour for a routine
haircut. I found the parlour lady annoyed today unlike other days when she
passed a sweet smile. She told me that she was bluffed by some online home
shopping portal and she was on verge of losing 1500 rupees. Out of my habit, I
told her to interact with customer care and get it sorted out.
She busied herself to get the things straightened and her
helper assisted my cut.

“You sort it out, I am fed up with your services.”

“I am not a homemaker and I don’t have free time to run
after you” The lady was speaking to customer care over phone.

The second statement provoked hundreds queries in my mind.

How a woman can say so for a homemaker or a housewife? Many
questions rattled inside me. How can one ridicule the job of a homemaker?

It is a full time job and it requires lot of patience and
perseverance and this beauty parlour madam blew it out of proportion.

People belittle the job of a housewife and think that the
homemakers are just a time pass.

If you introspect it closely, you will find that it is a job
of 24*7 and it has to be carried patiently taking care of needs of all at home,
home décor, attending to guests and much more?

If one is working, one walks out of home on time and many
times, it happens that you leave the house job in mid and walk out to attend
the office on time.

Many times, a working person home job is overlooked and
people at home support her but the homemaker has to do all by herself as
onlookers and family members think that she has no work because she is not
working in office.

There are many instances when the better half comments his
wife that she is good for nothing and what work she has at home that keeps her

Normally people don’t understand the complexities of a
homemaker, especially the one with young kids and parents.

Let’s see what Tarun says.

Tarun had picked up habit of ridiculing Radha and it was his
common monologue, “What you are busy in, whole day?”

Radha got irritated but did not show any reaction to cover
up the matter and maintain silence at home.

One day when Tarun entered the house, he found the whole
house toppled down. Not a single thing was on place, utensils littered on
dining table, paper lying in the living room floor, baby too was wearing a
dirty uniform.

He called out Radha but there was no reply. When he went
into the bedroom, he found Radha sleeping. After calling her name loud, she
opened her eyes and was surprised to see Tarun standing.

“Radha, What have you done to the whole house?”

“Tarun, I did nothing today” Radha replied.

“Whaat” Tarun burst out loud.

“Yes, I did nothing.” She shouted on top of his voice.

Pin drop silence followed for ten minutes.

“Every day, when I attend all the household chores all by
myself, you say that what work I have. Today, I left all except for feeding my
baby and see what home has turned into” Radha told Tarun.

Tarun’s head hung in shame and he could only utter, “Sorry
Darling. Now I realise. Sorry.”
This is not a single case of Tarun and Radha. There are many
Tarun and Radha in our society.

Homemaker is a full time job and she looks for praises
praised from heart. Don’t belittle her initiations rather applaud her. Help her
and share her job, when you are at home. She will love your presence and her
morale will be boosted.

Appreciate her initiative and feel her loved.

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