Oh Man,

Stop razing me

I am storming in fire

Losing my radiance each day

My cries hear none

My womb is on fire

I fear

I might lose my promising children.


Water, water water


Not a drop to drink

Waters might engulf me

In their tentacles

Drowning me deep forever.


I pray and plead

Have mercy on me

Trust nature

Save Green

Give me time

To regain my sheen.

I feel proud

When my children

Play on my breasts

Adore the voices

Of playing life.


Endorse a campaign to save me green

The heat spell is shooting me down

Tears roll

Watching the glaciers melt

Trees mowing down

Life going extinct.

I wish to live long


To enjoy

The mystic beauties of nature.

© Ila Varma 09-04-2016

Here,  I is The Earth, who cries out to save her from the calamities of nature. The global warming impact is quite dangerous for the life to survive, hence, it needs to be checked out by changing the habits of the inhabitants residing on it, who has taken nature in his own hands.

Global warming impact can be felt, the changing seasons, winters and snow disappearing and the heat spell is increasing day by day posing threat to life.


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