Sunday, April 10, 2016

#G for Genital Mutilation of Females - #A to Z CHALLENGE

The term Genital Mutilation of Females was unknown to me till I read a recent article on it and it raised my hairs and I shivered with fear. How can people be so inhuman to girls and women and compel her for genital mutilation to put a capping on her sexual urges for no medical reasons.

Imagining the plight of females undergoing this painful procedure is dreadful, then just think what trauma the girls would be facing.

Who are we to suppress the natural urges? The person who undergoes this surgical intervention mostly lose their mental balance and suffer from depression and other psychological disorders.

Once I thought our country India was conservative and narrow minded and responsible for females plight but when I read that this practice is going in UK, Africa, Sudan, Indonesia and many more, I thought our country was better and not involved in this process.

It is a traditional process and generally the procedure is carried out by quakes and it is a surgical cumbersome procedure and the reason behind it is gender inequality and to suppress the sexual urge of a woman, demeaning to be an object of enjoyment for men and to give birth to children. In many cases, the aperture is left for urination and periods and later on by surgical intervention, mouth of vulva is opened for consummation and childbirth.

We should hang ourselves in shame. A man is an enemy of man then only they can bear to make the women suffer.

FGM is often considered a necessary part of bringing up a young girl properly and a way of preparing her for marriage. It is thought to reduce a young woman’s libido, thereby ensuring pre-marital virginity and marital fidelity.

In many communities the long-standing prevalence of the procedure leads to pressures to conform to tradition, making it difficult to end the abuse.

My hands tremble and shake to write about genital mutilation.

Please do follow the links to get aware of the atrocities done to women and how they are oppressed.

Stringent laws should be enforced to stop this barbaric act.

It is a way to abuse a girl.

We should unite to put an end to FGM.

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  1. FGM is an inhuman sin. I had posted a link on FB to support the crusader in India..