There is a good news for the fair sex of Bihar as government
has banned the sale of country liquor and spirit and the stringent laws have
been framed to execute for those who won’t abide by the rule…I hate people
who drink and the step taken by the government is really praiseworthy and I am
quite happy.
The ban has created chaos in the life of thousands and
thousands people who thrived by drinking local liquor and they are addicted to
it and the after effects of not consuming liquor is manifold on the drunkards
and especially the men folk of economically backward class is depressed.
There are people who mouth washed the first gargle with
liquor…so you can well imagine…the addiction is so widespread and it will
take time to eradicate from society.

The ban imposed has affected the people of the state;
outlets of liquor shops have been reduced to less than half, so the earnings of
many families are disrupted who sustained their life from the income from

The labour and worker class is disturbed due to imposed ban
though in the long run, it will help in improving the productivity of working
class…but in present scenario…their condition is pathetic but their dependents
and other members of the family are happy with it.

The government has come up with De-addiction centers to
treat the liquor addicted patients, so finally the leaders have realized that
the liquor is posing problem and issues in society and have taken bold accept
to put a stop to it.

Many families have been disturbed and many people lost their
lives just because of this drinking habit. Crimes are on rise and the domestic
violence too is the result of over drinking habits. Nuisance on roads and
colonies also take place by the drunkards.

I have come to know from reliable sources that the govt. has
planned several guidelines and support to curb the consumption of liquor and
the local made is completely banned.
Fines have been imposed for the people who will consume,
sell or propagate drinking habits.

Since the day, ban is implemented, my support staff is very
happy and is planning to visit temple to thank god for banning country liquor
because she too was the victim of domestic violence which she had to confront
in the hands of her drunkard husband.
Resort to drink juices and health drinks instead of
consuming liquor and bring in the difference in society…families will live
happily and prosper.

I am happy with this step of Bihar govt, it’s a commendable
step to raise the prosperity of the state and bring happiness in lives of all.
The family members are celebrating the ban, looking forward for a better life.
May God Bless All.

The news says that the ban has proved beneficial for the labour class, where there were too much of violence and nuisance because of consumption of alcohol and the women and the children are happy and supporting ban.

I thank CM, Nitish Kumar to impose ban and I am sure it will prove beneficial and help in the upliftment of unprivileged class.

I hate Boozers and Boozing and I am very happy and believe that the ban continues and the foreign liquor too should come under this purview.
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