Monday, April 4, 2016

#C for Change - #A to Z Challenge

Change is the law of nature and no life is permanent on this earth. Every life is under constant change. It holds true for all life on this planet and the guiding force is the nature which too is under perpetual change.

Today, I wish to speak up regarding change in the mind-set of people of this world. More and more people are getting educated but their outlook is narrowing and bringing in turbulence and intolerance in the society. Day by day more chaos and confusion is been created in society.

In 70’s, people held the view that with time, there will be a major change in society. People will move away from the bindings of religion, caste, creed, colour and sex and their views will be broadened…and it was thought that Indians were more conservative in these context.

Check out today’s scenario, the whole world is disturbed on account of religion. Terror is on rise and the innocents are losing life. The people are more educated but they are using their skills in a bizarre way disturbing the peace around.

I think the uneducated mass were better than the educated ones. They had an ear to listen to people and a noble heart to help people around.

The educated mass has become self-centred, eccentric and egoistic and only thinks of themselves and the tolerance power is nil.

They don’t listen to people and in aggression, they sweep down to violence and destruction.

Every now and then, people are been attacked and shot down to death for no reason and an unknown fear has gripped people.

Caste feeling has receded to some extent but the reservations in India has created disparity and an ill feeling among the General classes, OBC, SC and ST and the issue of classes has cropped up and every now and then, the classes clash and give way to violence. The college and universities have become a battle field for the groups to clash and shed blood. People are murdered or people suicide due to ill feeling of classes.

Again, the education and the awareness is creating menace in society…previous days were better, people had caste feeling and I do agree that the forward classes exploited poor people but still they cared. They were made to work on meagre pay-outs but care was taken of their family by providing them land to irrigate and places to dwell with their family…and at least people lives were spared…if they committed mistake they were punished but killing was not on spree.

Now the people have become monster and they resort to monstrous attitude.

The issue of colour and complexion is more or less nipped and the dusky and dark complexion is accepted in all fields. Real change for the betterment has come up in this context…nowadays, dusky females are accepted in the fields of modelling, films and in marriages too, the issue of complexion has subsided to a great extent and I am really happy to see the change around.

The issue of acceptance of girls is more than previous days of 70’s, 80’s and 90’s but still not eradicated…not even partially…it is nearing to quarter…still the population cherishes for son. I feel both daughter and son is equally essential and as per available statistics, the ratio of girls has considerably declined so we need more girls.

People do accept daughters but still craving is there for sons and in villages, people bear children till they have son, isn’t it pathetic?

In 70’s and 80’s rare people used contraceptives to control birth and they believed in having more kids. The joint family system and the agricultural produce helped the guardians in rearing their kids but now, with high inflation, disintegration of joint family and the common people don’t have much land to produce cereals and it’s tough to raise children, even two kids are a matter of concern.

The mentality needs to be changed and one should be contended with the child, the concern should be of having kids irrespective of sex and to bear till the arrival of son, it affects mental and physical health of the lady of the house and financial status of family.

Literacy rate has gone high but are we really educated? Education is not just for minting money, it is for general development of a person in all spheres and particularly the outlook and the mind-set need to be changed.

Change yourself, drop dividing people in the name of religion and racial discrimination and killing masses.

Awareness is good till it is not intriguing our lives.

A Big Change is the demand of the hour to bring peace on this earth and each and every individual participation will bring in change.

When people are killed, candle march is organised to protest and a silent prayer for the deceased.

Organise candle march to bring in peace in society and all individual should join to bring peace on earth.


This post is for A to Z Challenge 2016 and my details are as under.

Ila Varma

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  1. This was AMAZING. Your writing is so beautiful, and you are so right. Today, people fear change. I think throughout time, most people have. But change is the natural order of things. Everything must change. I'm mentioning your post on my blog today because I love it so much.

  2. Thanks Jess. You are amazing. Thanks for the appreciation. Send me your blog url.

  3. Very poignant post! For all the world's advances, we still have SO far to go in terms of acceptance of others, and that does need to change, before we end up wiping each other out.

    Clare Dugmore from Clare Dugmore Writes.

    1. Thanks Clare for stopping by and appreciating.We all need to work for the issue to be resolved

  4. I disagree completely. I chose Alex for my pseudonym from Alexander/ra meaning defender of man because I truly believe in the basic goodness of mankind and my artists philosophy is hope despite a dark world. The world really is getting better. Glacially slowly and with many setbacks, but it is getting better.

    1. Thanks Alex for stopping by...the world has gone better in terms of technology...but humanity n morality is been razed down every moment

  5. Hello Ila. It was very interesting to me to read your post on social change in India. Here in the U.S., we also see and increasing lack of care for fellow human beings among the wealthy class. People who are not wealthy are seen by some as mere tools for creating more wealth. Thank you for sharing your thoughtful comments on this issue.
    @RhondaGilmour from
    Late Blooming Rose

    1. Thanks Rhonda...we have advanced in technology but has become poor in social interactions. Thanks for stopping by.

  6. Change is inevitable but one thing that will never change is that I love your writing skills. very well written post:-)

    1. Thanks Amit for your kind words...

  7. You have intelligently touched the social issues. A nice read. True change is inevitable and should be for Good.
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