“Beauty lies in the
eyes of the beholder” ― Plato

Beautiful things draws attention of all. It’s a normal
phenomenon and it holds true for all of us. A beautiful face in a crowd, An
attractive dress at a showroom, A beautiful house or the beauties of nature
mesmerizes the onlookers and the heart is satisfied to have a view of it and
sometimes, it yearns for it…it is a normal reaction.

Even beautiful wife of a neighbour holds our
attention…quirky side to it…Am I right…wink wink.
What Plato said, “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”
is absolute true in its terms.
It’s all about perceptions and it differs from person to
person and even it differs in different situations.

I will tell you one instance of my life. I was in plus two
and had been to photo studio for a group photo-shoot of our school mates. The
incident is about more than two decades back. As we were waiting for the photo
session, I saw a newly married couple stepping in the studio for a pair photo
shoot. I heard the guy telling the person sitting at the counter. There was
great disparity in the appearance of the couple. The boy was milky white and
handsome and the girl was just the opposite…nowadays, dusky complexion is
accepted for brides, models or even society has started accepting though still
the choice is more for white complexion…still, the times has changed but twenty
five years back, no one preferred dusky complexion. I could not believe how
they married…on what count they established their relationship. Even, I wasn’t
matured enough to value other attributes other than the complexion or looks. A
beautiful girl with so so boy does not attracts so much of attention but if the
groom is better than the bride, eyes do roll on. It’s a fact, none can deny.

The other girls of my group too rolled their eyes to take a
view of the pair and raised their eyebrows and a questioning look emerged on
their faces…Astonishment on the faces of all could be well read but who will
bell the cat and know the reason of his choice.
I took the initiative and congratulated the pair for a happy
life to start the conversation and satiate queries that was intriguing my mind
and the newly wedded pair told that their marriage was a love marriage and they
both were neighbours for a long time.
Still…the immature mind could not believe that people with
opposite looks can fall for one another and especially can a good looking man
fall for a simple looking girl…typical mind-set of  a patriarchal society.

With the passage of time, I understood that it’s true that
the beauty lies in the eyes of beholder, who gazes all aspects of a person and
zero in and a matured mind can only take decision after coining all the pros
and cons and the immature self runs after shine.
The girl was beautiful in the eyes of the guy, his love was
real and he had an eye to look beyond her external appearance.

I am in my late forties and now I too realise and decipher
people or things beyond looks. External appearance are deceptive…judge the
inner qualities of a person and the innate qualities are supreme and important.

ALL THAT GLITTERS IS NOT GOLD – It isn’t necessary
that all that glitters is gold. Many times, it happens that it is not gold but
the shimmer is more than gold, so you should know how to undermine the quality
of an article. The outer show or glam can deceive you, so you should be capable
of adjudging things.

In today’s scenario, people get deceived by looks and the
manufacturers and marketing companies emphasise more on packaging and believe
in showcasing the things with delicacy in showrooms and it attracts customers.

In the case of furniture, there are more chances to get
duped by the finishing of the product. The cheap quality products are polished
with lustre that people get confused about their quality and buy the product
over design and attractiveness of the product ignoring its main component.
I have written a long note on beauty and its judgment but I
too sometimes get allured by the outer appearance of the product though I am
cautious in choosing people. I prefer people with adaptable nature rather than
running after looks, because in long run the attributes pay more than the

The views of beauty and liking differs from person to
person. It is all about perceptions and of perceiving things and it differs
person to person.
Hope readers, you agree by my view. This is my take, what is
yours, do share.
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