Saturday, April 2, 2016

#A for APPRECIATION - #A to Z Challenge

Appreciation…pronounce the word and feel the difference. The word “Appreciation” sounds beautiful and it retains its beauty till it is not over exaggerated.

Each and every one of us yearns for the appreciation and if it reaches us on right time and pretext, it boosts our morale and we strive to do much better than before. Care should be taken that it is an honest one, if the review of the task done is honest and positive then it helps the performer to perform better in life and climb the ladder of success.

“Do appreciate at right time and to right person.” – I stress on this because I have seen people going for dishonest reviews and over exaggerations and the consequence is that the person stops putting stress on improvement and the over confidence mars his potential.

As per my experience with life, I have found that there are various species of human. Some acknowledge and appreciate the efforts. Some are dumb, they neither appreciate nor they dissuade, they are mere neutrals. Some are exaggerators and they exaggerate beyond limits.

What is the consequence?

The person who is honest in appreciation benefits the personality of the performer and he does better in life.

The person who is neutral and don’t know to express their concern dissuade the performer and in the long run, it hampers the performers personality.

The exaggerators are the species which damages the personality of performer and good performers lose their interest and abilities to perform.

My take:
Acknowledge the appreciations of the people who are honest in their reviews and amend their suggestions if they put forth or suggest to follow and maintain a relationship with the person, their views will help you to do better. HONEST APPRECIATIONS ARE THE REAL.

My suggestion for the neutral people, learn to appreciate the works and words of others. Your views in bits will add good bites to one life. DEVELOP THE SKILL OF APPRECIATING.

Beware of the exaggerators, they are bound to hamper your personality. Don’t pay heed to such comments, rather ignore them. It will be rude to ask someone to exaggerate, better turn a deaf ear to such statements. They are the real foes and they do it deliberately. Many people seek pleasure in over exaggerating.


 Learn to appreciate the gifts of nature. Turn around and watch and feel the beauties of nature and don’t forget to appreciate the life surviving on earth by the grace of supreme power. The synchronization of nature with the planet and the beautiful outcomes of nature, the waterfalls, the vast expanse of water bodies and life thriving in it, the trees and the plants laden with fruits and flowers, colorful fauna, forests and greenery, wildlife and all are interdependent on each other. Appreciate the powers that controls life on earth, the hot sun and the cool moon and stars which adds beauty and life both to the planet Earth.

If ever you feel low and gloomy, walk in open spaces and count the natural things of nature around you, these are the count of blessings which the Almighty has given us to acknowledge its existence and take care to survive and flourish.

These are the real blessings which makes your life. The unseen power has given you immense beauties of nature to enjoy, you just need an eye to see and feel the wonders of nature.

Develop your power of Appreciation and appreciate the right things of life.

This post is for A to Z Challenge 2016 and my details are as under.

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  1. Great post! I appreciate today as I look out over the wonders of creation!


  2. Very true and so well written. The more you read others the more one's heart fills with appreciation for their work, brilliant, looking forward to more from you.

    @Subhmohanty from
    And Life Unfolds
    A for Alone
    B for Butterfly

  3. Nicely written article. well said that you are not losing anything and everything to gain.
    Its really win-win to have the habit of appriciation