Dream and Profession are entirely two things for a normal
individual…I feel only few are lucky to pursue their dream profession. In
general terms, when a person becomes aware of the truth of life, they drop
their dreams and choose profession which mints in more money to cash on the
luxuries of life.

It’s a common nature to get allured by the possession of
others, it’s a normal phenomenon for a person.

It’s a common saying in our country, “Wife and kids of
others seem more beautiful & dutiful than our own.”

The same goes with the profession, you are more fascinated
by another profession and their style of living and sometime you secretly wish
to exchange.

I will tell you the story of two close friends who were best
buddies in school and after a gap of ten years, they get a chance to meet each
other on the professional table. Here goes the story.
Madhav & Raj were close friends and they passed the
board together with flying colours. Raj’s father was transferred to Chennai and
they parted ways. After ten years, they meet again but not as friends, they both
are working for the same firm. Madhav is Vice-President of West zone and Raj is
Business Development Officer. On the professional table, there is a great
disparity but still out of office, they are close buddies as usual.
Raj feels laid back seeing Madhav notching a top position
and enjoying the perks of position and power. On weekends, they are together spending
time together and in war of discussions, Raj discloses his feelings. Madhav
expresses his own concern of not been happy in his positions in spite of lavish
lifestyle and they choose to exchange their profiles for a day and find out the
inns and out of their life.

Next day, the meet at the same venue where it was decided to
exchange the profiles for a day. Raj is exhausted and depressed, Madhav
enquires about the reason. Madhav had anticipated Raj to be happy with the exchange
of their profiles.

“Arrey Bhai Madhav, I salute you for your patience and the
sweet smile that remains spread on your face, in spite of so many responsibilities…I
just can’t do it. I thought I was laid back in the rat race and regarded myself
unlucky. But now I understand how difficult it is to manage a top notch post
wherein you have to manage layers carefully, the layer down to you and the
layer senior to you and you are sandwiched in middle. If you shout at your down
level, they will lose motivation and interest in work and the upper layer
screws you all the time for been lenient with subordinates and you don’t let
this air of conflict pass down the lane and always show up been optimistic and
exuberant holding back the built up pressures on you. I was wrong in my
judgment, Madhav. It’s true that I enjoy lest powers and money but as a
Business Development Officer, I am independent and free to turn things as per
my choice to bring in revenue and if I do well, my effort is counted and if I
don’t perform well, I get brickbats which I am well aware of and there is no
built up pressure mounting on me and I can enjoy sound sleep…Sorry Madhav to
have not realized your load of work and still you are always smiling.” Raj
relieves his feelings and hugs Madhav tight. Both get emotional. The bond of
friendship gets strengthened with an air of confidence and faith in each other.

It’s true with all of us. We are not happy with our
professions and envy others without stepping in their shoes.

Life is a challenge and the roads of life are fraught with
great challenges and remember, “All that glitters is not Gold.”

“Be contended with what you have, don’t envy others rather
pursue hard to fulfill your dreams.”

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