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I think of life as a good book. The further you get into it, the more it begins to make sense.–Harold Kushner

I love reading and expressing myself by my writings, my
writings are mostly fictitious in nature still the ideas that I explore do
sprang up from my observations around and experiences of day to day life and
each encounter with life gives immense opportunities to write. I have read good
number of books but today to write for WOW, the recent read scripts flashed
before me and I decided to share in my post.

Second Spring by Sandhya Jane took all my attention towards
the strong character of woman Avantika, who is a single mother and she handles
job, home and her child in an exquisite manner managing each chores meticulously.
She has burnt her hands in her first love and she moved away from him fearing
the repercussions of the relationship. Her son Aarav is a smart boy and he
cooperates well with her working mother. Avantika knows to handle personal relations
well and her old parents reside with her, both supporting each other on
emotional front.

Rohan, a smart guy joins her office who is junior in age to
Avantika but it stirs the emotions of Avantika. Avantika is quite conscious of
her moves and tries to maintain a respectable distance with him.

The saying, “the days of life are predestined” proved true
in Avantika case and they slipped into a relationship but it was of temporal
phase. Rohan admired Avantika but he belonged from a conservative family and
knew well that Avantika, been a single mother won’t be accepted as his wife. He
moved away from her and as per the wishes of his family, married a lady of his
parent’s choice. He could not lead a peaceful life because his wife wasn’t
supportive for him and for his family. He succeeded professionally but his
personal life did not exist. He is not able to forget his love Avantika and
chases her to bring her back into his life. Rohan had breached Avantika, so she
could not accept him back. She still loved Rohan but did not succumbed to the
pressures of her emotions because she had lost faith in him.

In the whole episode, Rohan is the main loser because he did
not weigh the pros and cons of relationships and messed with each and every
relationship whereas Avantika, a matured lady carved her niche beautifully and
it proved that been emotional is good but listening to both heart and mind
gives good results.

Aditya, a banker and a hotshot author accidentally meets
Shreya, an ambitious girl on the event of his book promotion. Their first
interaction was troublesome but she gained attention of the author. She was
very ambitious girl and to achieve her dreams, she knew the tricks by hook or

Aditya’s personal life was very smooth but the clandestine
affair of the duo landed them in trouble throwing his personal life out of
gear. He realises his mistake and want to recede but it is not that easy with stubborn
Shreya, whose ulterior motive is to achieve success as an author. Aditya though
matured & wise do get trapped but ultimately he wins back his life after
long struggle….It was The Bestseller She Wrote by Ravi Subramanian.

The story that I started with had two strong characters,
Avantika & Rohan, where Avantika had grip on her emotions whereas Rohan was
weak in handling things and his character as portrayed by the author is of
opportunist and he fails at all level because he cannot stand for his right or
motive. In the story that I ended with is just the opposite of the first.
Herein, the character of woman Shreya is very tricky and is an opportunist, she
knows to screw people for her benefit and the male protagonist Aditya is
matured and strong but as the saying goes, the whims of a woman distracts the
saint in meditation and Aditya becomes victim of the situation and he is unable
to gaze Shreya’s motive.
Both the stories have happy ending and both the stories
convey the same message that if we handle heart and mind and synchronize it
neatly, life can be heaven and if decisions are made in haste & the motive
is not clear then trouble is bound to visit your life.

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