Wow, I liked the idea of #SetWet campaign to share about the promises or vaadas that we want our life-partner or would be partner to take for laying the foundation of sharing life together.

Ours was a love marriage and my dream man had all the qualities that I desired to have in my life-partner and his addition in my life added sparks in my life. Every day is a Woman’s Day for me, My #SadaSexy Man takes care of my happiness. I am blessed.

We met in a marriage of my cousin, he was from my cousin’s in-laws side.

Our eyes met, heart quipped and I received a text message on my mobile,

“Will you marry me?”

A very direct question and that too an unexpected one, I never presumed. I didn’t reply nor did I share the message with anyone. It continued for one month, it beeped every day at a fixed time, as if it was pre-set. My ignorance set my heart on fire and my heart secretly beat for him but did not had the courage to find out who he was, what he was doing and so on and on.

I confided in my mother and told her about him and his message. I was in second year of degree. My mother chased my cousin and found out the details of this Mr Handsome.

A meeting was arranged in my town and he came down to Mumbai from Chandigarh to meet me. I was ready with the ready reckoner to know about his feelings and if really he was serious, what promises he intends to give and abide by it whole life.

I dressed in striking turquoise colour, it highlighted my complexion, My Mom said.

As I stepped in the restaurant, I found him sitting staring at the entrance door. He rushed towards me and took my hand to guide me to the booked table for two of us.

The ambience of the restaurant was promising and soft music flowed in the background, indeed the environment too was ready with the vows.

I took my seat opposite him and looked directly into his eyes to track the truth of what he said. This time, I took the initiative.

“Hey buddy, I am ready to marry you provided you tell me what vows you propose to take other than the wedding vows, which is taken by all the couples, it’s more like a sacred mantra which is enchanted along with the priests and with the passage of time, all goes in vain. I want you to vow only those that you wish to deliver easily in all the circumstances.” I said in one go.

“Hey Girl, the day I saw you for the first time, I lost my heart and I dream to make you mine and keep you happy throughout life.” Mr Handsome said.

“It’s very vague, dear. All say the same before but once married, girls are taken for granted. It will be best if you mention it in clearly and I am contended that I have chosen better one for myself.” I briefed him.

“I am all yours sweetheart, pour in your wishes and I will accept gladly and will modify if required.”

I dittoed and said, here it comes My Man…Handsome.

  • I want you to be at my side in all situations of life, be it the happy ones or bitter, good days or the hay days, I am in pink of health or suffering with some ailment, Agree.

Reply: I will be with you always and you will be my priority when you are sad and suffering. Sometime, I may miss you due to time constraints when you are fine and happy, but in the times, when you need me the most, I will never leave you till the last breath of my life.

  • I want you to take me on outings or movie for a change when we both are free from our service obligations and turn my outings beautiful by your care and love.

Reply: I dream and wish to go on outings with you during holidays and weekends and make it comfortable in all respect you wish. Your wishes are my vows.

  • I will respect your family as mine and I expect the same from you for my family. We both will take care of both the families.

Reply: Wow, I am elated, our wishes match and wish to see its effect on our relationships, and I am there for you.

  • Share me with all the things whether it’s good or bad, don’t be superficial in relationships. If something bothers you or you are finding me incompatible, do tell me so that I can check but don’t spoil the relationships by building house of grudges.

Reply: Yes, My Highness! I too have the same views and I have accepted you as my life partner so, we both will breathe in the same atmosphere and I will fill your life with share & care.

  • I believe in equality and I wish you to follow the same. You are going to help me in my household chores, I will enjoy the work more if I am surrounded by your presence, it will make me happy & your love will add finesse to my work.

Reply: Sure Dear, I am well versed in the art of housekeeping and I too will enjoy working with you.

  • I love music and dance and it is my stress booster, sometime my craziness will drive me doing crazy things within our own premises and I would love if you will be there to give me company, my love-life by my side.

Reply: Off course dear, I will love to give you company and will admire to see you in sugary & spicy mood. Sorry, I am not good at dance but I will try to learn from you and I sing well and will love to see you dancing on my songs.

  • I hate boozing and I cannot tolerate. What’s your take?

Reply: I am not regular boozer, at times in parties, I do dwell but I am comfortable to leave if it disgusts you and to see you happy, these petty things don’t matter.

  • The most important one, be patient to deal with me. I can leave all my wishes behind if your love is true for me and if you want me to check my wrong doings, tell me lovingly, don’t coax me. I can take love easily but cannot be comfortable with coaxing. I will lay my life for you if you request with love.

Reply: Agree Princess and I too wish to be treated equally.

I declared that my Q& A round was over and asked Mr Handsome to take over the sessions if he has something in mind. I believe in equality and so I gave him the choice to ask.

“Hey Girl, I enjoyed your interesting sessions and I am happy that I was given chance to express myself…generally  girls don’t give men a chance to speak, but you did. Anyway, important question remains unsolicited, I love kids, do you and what’s your plan” Mr Handsome asked with a wink… 😉

I felt my cheeks hot and I blushed at the thoughts of kids and I gave a positive nod and raised my thumb in affirmation nod. <3

He bent on his knees and asked for my hand. I got emotional and tears welled in my eyes and I kissed his hand. He was awestruck and comforted me by entwining his hands into mine. <3

A waiter arrived with a platter of ice-cream and we shared our love in the same bowl feeding each other and rejoicing the moment of accepting each other on the trip of togetherness.

We are married and I am happy to have Mr Handsome as my love-life and have spent one decade together sticking to our Q & A sessions.

One secret, Mr Handsome #SadaSexy is very smart and in our first meeting, he had secretly recorded our conversations and the recording we have till today in our laptop and we follow the ritual of listening and repeating on every anniversary and it has helped us in getting closer. <3

“I’m blogging about the kasams I want from my man this Women’s Day with the #SadaSexy activity at BlogAdda

#SetWet Video: here

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