Follow your inner conscience

It’s always right

It battles with

All its might

To choose

The Right Middle Path

Skirting you

From both the extremes

Of wandering life.


We, Human

Poor souls

Betray the inner whispers

Incline more to our hearts

Which is prone to bumble


It’s encased

With stubbles of

Passions & emotions

Reacting in

A spark of moment

Without realization

Of dwelling over the consequences

That it has to just follow.

Dear Men


To the voices of inner conscience


Guides you

To follow the right steps of life.


Heart roars & howls

To grab your attention

Arousing to act

On the cosmos impulses

Conscience susurruses slowly

Originating & Inspiring

An aura

Of peace

Of tranquility.


The roaring’s of heart

Close your eyes


Listen to the murmurs

Which is churning within.

The day

You recognize & acknowledge

The voices within

You don’t need

A hand of saint

To walk on the sands of time.

Inner conscience

Dwelling within us

Is pure & saintly

To guide away

From the intricacies of life.

© Ila Varma 17th March 2016.

On the eve of St. Patrick Day, I have weaved my feelings into words giving form to a poem. I believe that if we follow the voices of our inner conscience, then we don’t need a mentor or a saint to guide us on right path. I believe that God has blessed us with a life to enjoy the nature around adapting a normal life and straying away from both the extremes of life. The two extremes are Too Good and Too Bad, both cannot be followed to lead a normal life. It is my own views and I follow the same.

This poem is shared with Poets United Midweek Motif ~ Saint / Saintliness

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