“A memory is a photograph taken by the heart to make a special moment last forever.”

The campaign of #HDFCLife #MemoriesForLife took me into the trance and my soul softly tread on into the twinklings of the past, the memories are fresh and intact and it gives me a reason to smile and the  arrival of my kids lightened my life & got a meaning to live.

Mother’s love is unconditional and I believe this is the only bond, tied by the strings of umbilical cord  which is severed at the time of birth but the strings of heart never gets severed in the best or worst scenarios of life and the feelings that a mother nurture cannot be replaced by any other relationships.

The nests are emptied and my lovely birds have flown far away to carve a niche for themselves and I am left with no choices, the past memories are the links which I treasure the most and it keeps me zippy . It’s not me, same case applies in all homes, even we did the same but we did not realize at that moment what our parents went through but now I have fully interpreted after becoming a mother.

The day I gave birth to my kids, I was comforted to see the bundle of joy wrapped tightly in pink towel and the pain that I went while delivering vanished…actually the pain was there but the joy of seeing my own creation took over the dampness.

The joy of holding in my arms, feeding him, changing his nappies transformed a careless girl to a responsible mother who was alert all the time attending to the numerous chores on time and did not give him a chance to cry.

The first word uttered, the first step taken, the first turn on the bed rocked my heart and an unknown happiness & bliss engulfed me. My days & nights revolved around these cutie pies and invented new ways to attract his attention and ingrained good habits of peeing & potty.

I would roll out chapattis of different shapes and sizes to develop interest in homemade food habits, the normal show of food did not attract them, so I adopted creativity in my cooking style and it did wonders in their habits.

When I roll out the dough to make chapattis, the memories of the past unfolds before my eyes. The little tots used to take dough from me and rolled out cute shapes out of it, sometime messed with it dirtying their clothes but it never irritated me rather I used to be happy at their creativity and would encourage them to indulge in more creativity.

Life was colourful with these two around and their silly and crazy acts made me burst into laughter and I felt on top of the world.

I relived my childhood with these two buds around and along with them, I too bloomed with immense joy and fulfilled unfulfilled wishes and desires.

I never felt tired with them rather it rejuvenated me and I was never stressed when they were around. I was the partner in their crime,and would roam around with them finding happiness in their happiness.

After birth of my both kids, I was aloof from the outside world for near about a decade, only knew few things in life, looking after the home and kids. Even, I managed business of my own from the premises of my house. I was totally severed from outside world, was not conversed what the political situation was of our country or worldwide, not even recognized new icons of film industry…blah, blah, blah….engrossed in inventions & discoveries of cooking, baking, knitting, interior decoration, child rearing etc.

A new self of mine emerged which only knew that her world involved around these two kids and their father, my beautiful home and my beautiful garden, which was adorned with colourful flowers and their enchanting fragrance.

These two buds brought charm in my life and their innocent pranks energised me.

As they grew, I stepped out with them to chase the fancies of the world around, would visit parks and zoo with them and celebrated their birthdays along with the entourage of their friends…would play different games with them in open air and watching them happy on their innings and crying over their failures or turned down in game…Make them understand the beauty of life and captured beautiful moments in my Kodak camera.

We used to go movies together, maximum of their choice and few of mine, though at that time, I did not had much of my personal choice, in a way my choice were dependent on them.

I trained them to help me in domestic chores and it would be fun to water the plants together, weed out the soil, packing of return gifts on birthdays, decorating diyas on Deepawali, making cakes on Christmas, packing & unpacking of bedding’s & woollen clothes, we all did together.

Now, they have drifted apart and are employed in reputed organisations. We are connected on social networks, we talk every day, we share all the ups & downs of life, still the absence makes my heart wary at times and I wait for the D-day for my angels to arrive to my nest.

The best part of life are a part of parcel of memories and dwelling in those memories, do make me emotional and simultaneously add sparks to life.

Time changes, people move, the ways change and with age, we too grow reducing our flaws but the #MemoriesForLife remains intact , they do not change rather they become sweeter with age and it is cherished lifelong.

“Children are the hands by which we take hold of heaven.” ~Henry Beecher Ward


May God bless my kids and they be happy & prosperous in their life and Mamma remains happy watching them prosper and time to time, Share her happiness with them…Cheers…Hip, Hip, Hurray…Oh, I too become a child at the thought of my kids.

#You know one thing, sometimes my craziness takes toll on them & they say that my ways are too childish & I say, Okay, you will realize the reason of my craziness when you become a parent…hahaha…My Mom said the same to me…It’s been transported from one generation to another one. 😛

Wow…beautiful memories are the fresh colourful flowers of my garden of life. <3

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