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Share the Domain of Woman's World #ShareTheLoad #Ariel

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Times have changed and the outlook of Men and senior women too have undergone change.

I mentioned senior women because they have a major role in reformation of males of a family and the women of olden times discouraged menfolk to enter the arena of household which they looked upon as “ The Women’s World” and disliked the entry of males in their own spaces.

The mind-set needs to be unplugged, it is the demand of the hour in the scenario where the lifestyle and the social strata of the society have undergone tremendous change.  

Now woman has stepped out of the house and is rubbing shoulders with the male counterpart in the domain outside home and works in equal capacity, so her roles at home too need to change. The young guys of now residing in cosmopolitan towns and cities have construed and admitted this fact to some extent but still it is a long journey and we have to go miles and miles to break the stereotype role of a woman in our society.

People need to understand that in previous times, women were assigned household tasks not because of her gender but there was a joint family concept, so many women resided under the same roof and they all shared the responsibility of household work. It was a boon to stay jointly in respect of work divisions, none were strained rather the job was enjoyable and it was not a burden for any one of the house.

Joint family disintegrated…nuclear family emerged and the entire burden of household fell on the shoulders of a woman and the poor lady was trapped under the entire work, right from rearing the kids to entertaining the guests. The men and the children of the house did not partake in shouldering responsibilities of the house because since ages, they had seen the women of the house working and they were not accustomed. Sharing household job, men were not comfortable with it, be it husbands, sons or fathers of the house.

Men was men and they believed that the arena of their duties was managing outside chores, it was ingrained in their minds perfectly.

The girls got educated and believed in taking up a job out of choice or out of sharing economic burden of the male responsibility.

She took the task of managing outside quite amicably but the home task became tougher for her day by day but the men did not notice. They were attune in watching their mothers and aunts working so they never found anything out of the world or unreal that their lady of the house was doing.
The years between 80’s to 2000 was very crucial for the women. She managed inside and outside all by herself without a grumble. She too was ignorant of the reality that the men need to share her burden and she gave in her maximal with integrity but her health started suffering and she lost her feminine charm.

Time changed and the world got connected globally and awareness spread in in India that the male counterpart need to take up the role of managing household job as females have taken up strides to be at par with men.

It took time but gradually men started #sharingtheload pouring help in taking care of the kids, helping them in dressing, helping in kitchen and in small steps one at a time they entered into the entire household domain, this eased the work burden of the lady of the house and this sharing attitude of husbands brought sweet curves on their faces and she felt loved and appreciated.

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Washing domain was forbidden for men in the start because ladies are tidier in work in comparison to men and the clothes need to be sorted out as per their fabric, colour properties and washing type required.

With the arrival of washing machine in each and every household, it became easy for the men to share the load of washing and the game is easy for them now with the programmed gadgets and the work load of women reduced.

I would like to share a secret with you, how efficiently the husbands handle the washing machines, woman don’t take risk of giving her attires a try fearing they might mess. She works on safer side and she wash her clothes on her own, I am one of the ready example. I let my guys (husband & sons) try their hands in kitchen or other chores but I keep my clothes away from them. Just can’t dream of giving them a try.

The image of a stereotype type women have modified in the urban areas and the young guys of today eagerly take part in household work comforting the ladies of the house, be it mothers, sisters or wife.
In the beginning, when male members moved forward to help females of the house, onlookers looked at with scorn but now males are encouraged.

Now if a son serves tea to the guests or man of the house lays table for the guests, cooks food in the kitchen, it’s taken as normal.They are #sharingtheload.

Though in small towns and rural areas, woman don’t have much choice.

From early childhood, boys should be encouraged to help his mother or sister at home and the values of equality should be instilled in them right from their childhood.

The fair ethics instilled at right time plays a vital role in all round development of a child, rear a child with right values.

The gender needs to be recognized but not at a cost of differentiating between genders. Except for giving birth to a child undergoing bone wracking pain, no job is gender specific.

Men are wrestlers so are women; Men are boxers so are women; Men earn to run the house so are woman.

Woman are rubbing shoulders with men then why to bring in discrimination in rendering the duties.
Wake up, share even responsibilities and bring in smiles to your family and society.

Mothers too need to take the charge of instilling values in their sons to see their son’s future and family thriving in peace and the daughter-in-law will be happy and she will follow into your steps formatting the coming generations.

This survey shows what people think and collective opinion shows doing any household chore specially laundry is a women's job.

Most households are of the collective opinion that doing any household chore, especially laundry, is a woman’s job. Ariel and BlogAdda fought the imbalance within the household by asking#IsLaundryOnlyAWomansJob and asking men to #ShareTheLoad a while back. And now it’s time to think of a long term solution to this problem by nipping the prejudice at the bud.

I am joining the Ariel #ShareTheLoad campaign at BlogAdda and blogging about the prejudice related to household chores being passed on to the next generation.

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