Three years have passed by since Tarang left Tia to survive
in this world with two children, to fight the battle alone. It was an
unexpected blow which dispersed the joys of Tia’s life and she was wrecked at
heart. Anyhow, she assembled the dismantled pieces with the tint of courage and
endurance and picked her life to let it go to bring sweet curves on the
innocent faces and a glint of hope in the eyes of her kids.

She took a role of both parent and took care of their needs
and her garden blossomed with happiness by her positive outlook. Tarang had planned the investments meticulously investing a handsome amount in life insurance to secure the future of his family. It helped Tia to manage the financial aspects of family. She too was financially independent and the sudden demise of Tarang did not disturb the financial fulcrum of the family. The insight of Tarang helped the family in tough times.

The moments spent with Tarang were the cherished treasure
for Tia and she loved to dwell in them and the time spent with him were more
valuable to her than her love for diamonds and gold.

As the kids left her for pursuing their career further, Tia
had plenty of time for herself and she utilized them to decorate the memoirs of
their companionship. She collected all the snaps scattered all over the
cupboards, which was intentionally kept away from her eyes so that she doesn’t
feel Tarang’s absence. Now, she had come out of the grief and she wanted to
spend her quality time with Tarang’s memories. She felt comfortable plunging
into his memories and it soothed her mind and soul.

  “Things End but The
Essence of Memories Stays Forever & It’s a Precious Treasure to Cherish Forever.”

This saying was quite true for Tia.

She scanned the albums and posted snaps of her beloved on
social sites with few lines of scribbles in his memory. She got few remarkable
snaps of her honeymoon phase and party snaps framed and got it fixed in the
interiors of her house. She found herself happy with Tarang around and she used
to recall the days, moments or functions spent with him.

The same moments welled her eyes at the time of his
departure but now she smiled reminiscing the occasions spent together.

Tarang was very lively & sportive and kept Tia bursting
with laughter at his witty jokes and remarks. His jokes, his dances at the parties
were the sight to watch and the recordings & snaps of the same helped her to relive those moments.

The way he proposed, the way he reciprocated to her first kiss, running on snow, playing with the snow balls, all stood alive before her eyes and she could feel the warmth of her relationship with Tarang.

Tia had the video recordings of his honeymoon time, their
kid’s birthday and their birthday & anniversary celebrations. She got the
video’s modified and uploaded the recordings on her computer and watched
whenever she longed for Tarang and her empty moments got refilled with bouts of
laughter and happy moments and the lost radiance on her face was back and she
felt contended.

In the length of their togetherness, Tarang had given cent
per cent share of his love and tried his best to cover all her wishes and
desires that she lingered for. His ways to melt her heart with abundant love
was wonderful and memorable and she believed that the days he lived, he lived
for her and his family and she thanked God for giving her a wonderful life
partner who made her life amazing as long as lived and his memories too was therapeutic
to her bruised soul.

The length of life did not mattered much to Tia, the quality
time spent along the years of togetherness were immense.

Her days were filled with memories of Tarang and it gave her
strength to live long and the kids were happy to see their Mom coming out of
gloom and was proud of her ways she carried herself.

It’s true that when we lose someone close to our heart, it
wrenches the soul but if the memories are the happy moments, it becomes more
precious and it gives courage to fight with the odds.

Tia groomed herself gracefully, shared pictures of
togetherness of special occasions on Facebook and what Sapp with beautiful
posts which spoke volumes of her relationship.
She had not seen her future, how long she will live but she
had vowed to herself that she will keep herself happy with the memories of his
beloved Tarang.

Her demeanour, her house and her garden, all she had decorated
in memory of her husband Tarang, it was her own way of paying tribute to her

It was my first visit to Tia after Tarang left and I feared
to face my grieving friend and I could not gather courage to face her face to
face. But my meeting with Tia changed my perception and I was happy to see how
she had picked up life & had arranged herself in the best possible way
which had a spark of positive energy around her and I hugged her tight in my

The doorway to her house was a doorway to happiness with
streaks of beautiful hues of life.

 Life brings tears; Smiles & memories; The tears dry; The smiles fade; But, The memories, Last forever.

Glimpses of Tia’s memory:

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