I had a crush for Tia since school days but I concealed my
feelings because she had a liking for my best pal, Tarun and I did not wish to
spoil the game and intrude in their lives. I found Tia to be quite chirpy and
sporty with Tarun and her happiness was my concern. I loved to watch her
wearing smiles on her cute face.

After schools, life raced and we all parted in different
directions. In the beginning, we were connected through phones, but time
constrains snatched our precious associations and all got busy in shaping and
securing their future.

After completing my higher studies and snatching a higher
profile, when I returned to my home town, I came to know that Tia is settled in
a respectable profile in financial industry and had parted ways from Tarun. I
felt bad for her broken relationship, but somewhere I saw a hope for myself.

My feelings for her got intense which I had concealed long just
for the happiness of my friend and my love.

I found her profile on facebook and without wasting time
further, I sent her a friend request and it was instantly accepted by Tia and
she initiated chatting.

Thousand messages flowed from both the sides sharing the
times of the past years but she did not utter a word for Tarun. I wished to know
the reason of their break up but could not gather courage to inquire.

Tia told me about the get together of school batch been organised at Goa and
asked me to join. She appeared very enthusiastic and I agreed to join the
party. It was a fair chance to meet my love after a gap of over a decade.

Tia booked my accommodation and forwarded the details on my
email id and as per the plans, we reached the venue. It was a grand resort on
the beach of Goa.

After check in and getting refreshed, we all had to gather
in the ball room for the celebrations.

I dressed myself in one of my favourite suit and cared to
look handsome to catch the attention of Tia.

Finally, I was in amidst the group and bingo, it was mind
blowing experience and we met like tiny tots of Primary school among Hoo &
haa…weaning out of the skin of superficiality that we held in our professional arena.

My eyes were frantically searching for Tia and finally, my search ended
and settled on her. She had grown more beautiful and charming and her supple
skin glowed and I heard the thuds of my heart beats.

She approached near me and I was astounded by her beauty and
lovely trim figure dressed in blue gown with matching accessories. I was

I extended my hand asking her to join me on dance floor and
she briskly accepted my request. A diamond ring sparkled in her ring finger and
her nails were painted with blood red nail paint which enhanced the beauty of
her long fingers.

Ring on her finger…it bothered me…I held her close and moved
on to the dance floor. A romantic number was been played and I enjoyed her close
proximity but my concealed feelings were stirred spotting a diamond ring on her
finger and this time, I did not wish to keep silent.

I asked her about the ring. Tia smiled and told me that she
was engaged to Tarun.

“Tarun…you broke off with Tarun?” I blurted out.

“Yes, we had moved away from each other for three long
years. The long absence made us realize our follies and we decided to hold the
relationship with more care and this time, our parents played the trick of
getting us engaged to understand the value of commitment and relationship and
we are going to marry in Christmas this year.” Tia said coolly.

My bottled feelings spurted and I said, “Tia…you are lucky
to get a chance to win love back and I am loser in the journey of love. I loved
you but never ever apprised you. I still love you and when I came to know that
you have parted ways with Tarun, I was hopeful.”

“You loved me…I am shocked, I never knew. You never
disclosed.” Tia said.

“I never got a chance, this time too, I failed in my
attempt. May God bless both of you.” 

I said and moved away from her.

I ran out of the ball room and when to my room to change.

I cancelled my previous booking of air travel scheduled day after tomorrow and checked
out of the hotel. I wanted to go back to my town and I started off for the
airport with heavy heart and tears rolled down.

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