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Kasams, I Want From My Man #SetWet

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I found the campaign of #SetWet #SadaSexy activity quite interesting and it appealed to me. I am passionate about writing and I express my emotions in ink, it’s my way of venting out emotions, and I always do the same.

Today, I tried an innovative method to grab views of my chuddy buddies, friends and family. I asked them to share their expectations from their better half, views from married & unmarried both and I thought that expectations would rain like anything and it would be of all types, from sincere thoughts to wacky but sincere ones were more. Indians are more emotional and they adhere to few principles and talk more about loyalty and sincerity like 

"The advertisement of Fevicol, “mazboot jodd hai tootega nahin.” ;)" 
On the eve of Women’s Day, an idea struck me that instead of addressing my husband, it will be better to address the group of “Husbands” and enlighten them what the group of “Wives” expects from the existing husband or fiancées. There are few fixed model of expectations which comes from wives of all age groups and there are few expectations which differs from age.

In the beginning, wife expects her husband to be moving around with her, dancing in front of her eyes and the same lady when she grows up to a full woman, she craves for space…naturally her physical properties enhance…so, she needs space to expand herself and the loving husband gets confused at the radical changes and bumps in wrong direction. Guys, you can do nothing…girls are predictable but a woman is unpredictable even the God who created her is surprised at her behaviour…her behaviour is more like a chemical reaction which reacts differently in different circumstances…but her physical properties are so alluring that you can’t do without it…Ahem ahem.

Expectations of a wife who have crossed Silver Jubilee Celebrations!!!

Dear Husband(s)#SadaSexy,

On the eve of Woman’s Day, we want you to make fresh promises and request you to abide by the same. Don’t get perplexed, these fresh promises will be add-on with the existing ones that you abide by which gets modified with time on my requests, which are more like my demands, request word is soothing to the ear.

First promise that I want you to take is give me space to grow…I know you will hold your head in your hand and say that I have overgrown from what I was when you fetched me from my Dad’s place…wait dear, I am not talking about the circumference…I need “Me” time to breathe with my friends at kitty party or roll to beauty parlour for spa, hair dressing and rejuvenation programs.

Poor husband confused, mumbles…Once she used to cry for undue attention which I was not habituated to and now when I have adapted myself in giving attention, she seeks freedom from me…Oops…Yehi to hai naari…jo sab par bhaari. ;)

Second promise that I seek from you is to hand me your cheque book, debit & credit cards with amount in excess and drive me for an outing or it will be better if you ask your driver to drop and please don’t ask me how long I will take in the market…I am myself not sure when I am on shopping spree…and please don’t ping me or call me in between…it might hamper my tempo of shopping.

After reading this, husband sweats and feels restless but no one near whom he can rely and burst his emotions out…Ohh…He checks his pocket for wallet…it’s there but soon he has to hand over…the mere thought shivers him.

The third and the last one promise that I wish you to adhere is please spread your wet towel on the cloth line…Please don’t put it on the bed, I hate this idea of wetting bed neither expect to find me lurking near bathroom to receive the wet towel which I used to in the days of my youth…it was a turn on for me, now I don’t fit in the circumference of your towel…hope you understand my point rather it will be better if you spread my washed clothes too on the cloth line…I would be more grateful.

Darling, please add these in your list and care to follow religiously.

The husband draws a deep breath to inhale as he needs more fresh air…he knows well, he needs to be caring to save himself from his scary wifey… :P

From Loving Wife (s)
Expectations of a newly wedded wife!!!

Dear Husband(s)#SadaSexy,

I love you from the deep ocean of my heart and I know your love is the same for me. I am happy that you are the same as you were in courtship days and you will keep your promises and keep me happy forever. You used to pester me to tell you my expectations from you but the courtship days were trial days and I did not wanted to take risks, so I kept mum and kept myself happy at heart for all you said. But now, I am your full-fledged wife and I have full authority to request you to keep some promises for me.

Dear, Promise me to help me in my personal chores, I would love your company and my love will boost for you and hope your love for me will be doubled when you are helping me. I want you to wash my clothes because I can’t do on my own, my manicured hands will be affected by the detergents and my expensive nail art will come off and I know you won’t like to touch or see my rough hands. Don’t panic, I will be there to guide you to sort out the dresses, as different fabrics are treated differently. I believe you will enjoy, essence of my aroma will be in my clothes and it will enhance your libido.

Just married guy eyes pop out but remains calm & quiet, visualizing his new beautiful bride in his arms and for that beautiful moment, he can do anything…Oops.

Dear, Promise me to accompany me to beauty parlour or spa sessions on Sundays, twice in a month. I would love to see you waiting for me outside beauty parlour…you know dear…Men’s are not allowed inside, you can wait in your car and listen to romantic tunes so that when I return totally transformed, you can sing them in praise of my beauty. You know, I adore you and after getting myself treated at these centres, my eyes will search for you and you can carry me in your arms so that I am saved from the dust around…I don’t wish to see your money draining…sessions cost dearly so you need to take my care with utmost care.

One thing more, Dear…you will manage kitchen for a week after sessions because the cooking sessions will have adverse effect on my skin and hair and I don’t want to see my dear husband’s hard earned money wasted.

I believe these two promises are enough in the first year of marriage and every year on the eve of Woman’s Day, few will be added in the list, so don’t feel offended that I have asked for only two.

I love you Darling from the bottom of my heart and wish to see you radiating with happiness of my true love.

Your sexy wife (s).

Just married guy’s eye catches the word “sexy” and he is turned on and forgets what he went through while reading the promises that he has been asked to abide by…The libido makes him do what he could not fathom of doing in wildest of his dreams.

The idea to be wacky in writing attracted me and I penned down the wacky ones. I asked a group of ladies of their expectations from their Sexy husbands, all heads popped up with the same reply, Mutual love, trust, care, space…worn and torn out replies.

I wanted to sound crazy and draw fun from my writings and my keyboard and wild imagination did the trick.

Caution: The ideas are for theoretical purpose and not for practical trails, the chemical reactions can be risky in practical sessions, mind it.

“I’m blogging about the kasams I want from my man this Women’s Day with the #SadaSexy activity at BlogAdda in association with Set Wet.”

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  1. loved it... especially the Fevicol part... :-)
    Good luck for the contest...

  2. Nicely written, little harsh on the men though ;-)

    1. It's for humor. Take it easy. wacky style of writing which will drive you insane.

    2. My writing has done its work, comment confirms...hahaha

  3. I lover each and every line you wrote Ila.The silver anniversary letter and the newly wed one.Both were perfect and tongue in cheek.Love how you are never afraid to explore different styles .Best of luck with the contest and thank you for writing with us for #Thankful Thursdays

    1. Thank You Dear. I loved trying new things

  4. hahaaa...this is fantastic!!! Why Theoretical? We must try these out :) Well written, funny & humorous - and a true wish list ;)

  5. Loved your sense of humour while penning this down. The letter from the newly Wed wife is hilarious....😊