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The contest of the Blogadda #KhulKeKheloHoli in collaboration
with Parachute Advansed drowned me into the reverie of the past where I could
see myself immersed in bright and wet colours of Holi and splashing colours
on the friends and the passers-by without stopping for a second of what impact
it will have on my health or how the friends & strangers will react…Bindaas.

I am talking of the era nearly three decades back where
people did not had any inhibitions like today and they splashed bucket full of
colours and people readily played with full masti on, singing and dancing on
their own songs of Holi without thinking of the actions and reactions of
colours on hair and skin. The old ladies of the house used to advise to oil
hair and body so that it is easy to wash off the colours but frankly speaking,
none paid heed to it. 

In those days, people were not so conscious of themselves
so they indulged in playing holi and sportingly played with family, friends and
neighbours. It was a sport of playing with wet colours and abeer and gulaal and
all loved to indulge irrespective of age and religion.

People shouted “Holi hai” and would come out in groups to
play holi in common ground of colonies, lawns of houses and really it was an
enjoyable affair with colours and all coloured faces looked alike.

Rich dishes of treats were prepared on Holi festival and the
sweet savouries malpua and gujia were the main dishes prepared in every house
on the festival of Holi and people relished after playing holi with the colours
on, none paid heed to these minor things and the people of those times were
more healthy and sound compared to today’s lifestyle where we take too much of
precautions and still not healthy.

I was one of the energetic souls who played Bindaas Holi and
started preparations much ahead of the festival. My mother used to keep my new
clothes away from my reach because I was very careless that once I played holi
on the new dress which was stitched by her to wear on the eve of Holi. I was a
great prankster so far as this festival was concerned. I used to get colourful
balloons and fill them with liquid colours along with my friends and stored in
a big bucket three four days ahead of the festival… It was easy to carry for
playing colours and people and friends could be splashed with the colours from
a distance…I agree now that sometime it hurt too if thrown hard but who
cares…in my childhood days, I wasn’t aware of it and have lot played with these
colour filled balloons.

We used to emerge in group of friends and would shout and
run in the corridors of our home and on roads and parks of colonies. No one
stopped us from playing, though few directives were given by elders but we
rarely cared for it. The directors too knew how much it would be followed.

In our childhood we played colours with all irrespective of
caste, creed, status or sex and even we befriended those friends with whom we
fought for childish reasons and shared food in same plate. The colours of Holi
were actually the colours of love and friendship which washed away the enmities
and added life to stale relationships.

"होली के दिन दिल खिल जाते हैं
रंगों में रंग मिल जाते हैं
दुश्मन भी गले मिल जाते हैं
गिले शिक़वे भूल के दोस्तों"

We used to roar, laugh and sing Bollywood songs of holi and
danced and played drum on the steel bowls and plates and really it was a fun
and the memories of those bygone days still sends butterflies in stomach and
want to revisit those lanes.

Once fully active in playing colours transformed into a
non-player of Holi, the reason is not so specific but the news aired spoiling
the sport of Holi did have an impact on me and gradually, I stopped indulging
in the game of colours. Now the idea of celebration has shrunk to preparing
dishes of malpua, mutton and dahi- vada and in evening, I put tilak on the
forehead of the juniors and sprinkle little bit on each other among friend

I do a bit of social work on this festival. I distribute
colours, pichkaris, savouries cooked and few bucks to all my support staff to
enjoy their part of Holi with full pomp and show and I feel happy to see smiles
on their faces.

I too have the feeling to indulge once again but don’t dare
to indulge fearing the deadly task of washing out the colours…the reason is not
indulging for a long time but at heart, I want to play. I will use Parachute Advansed to oil my hair and skin and will try to use herbal colours which are easy to wash.

This year, I would break the ice, Blogadda has revived by
spirits and will play Holi sportingly roaring “Holi Hai” in the corridors of my
apartment, shedding all the inhibitions that I have been carrying since long
and capturing in my mobile.

“I’m pledging to #KhulKeKheloHoli this year by sharing my Holi memories atBlogAdda in association with Parachute Advansed.”


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