Today, I tried an innovative method to grab views of my chuddy buddies, friends and family. I asked them to share their expectations from their better half, views from married & unmarried both and I thought that expectations would rain like anything and it would be of all types, from sincere thoughts to wacky but sincere ones were more. Indians are more emotional and they adhere to few principles and talk more about loyalty and sincerity like 

“The advertisement of Fevicol, “mazboot jodd hai tootega nahin.” ;)” 

On the eve of Women’s Day, an idea struck me that instead of addressing my husband, it will be better to address the group of “Husbands” and enlighten them what the group of “Wives” expects from the existing husband or fiancées. There are few fixed model of expectations which comes from wives of all age groups and there are few expectations which differs from age. 🙂 😉 😛

Kasams, I Want From My Man #SetWet



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