Aditya and Neha were close friends since kindergarten days and were mostly spotted together. They were very much fond of each other though there personalities did not match at any ends.

The sayings, “Like poles repel and Opposite poles attract” was true in their terms.

Aditya was cool and introvert guy and Neha exuberant and bubbly but they matched well. Both were good in their academics and bagged awards for different disciplines. Aditya was good in language and literature, performed well in elocutions and debates. Neha was good in arithmetic and calculations and was calculative in expenses, too.

Their friendship was the talk of the class and even other sections of school envied their friendship bond. They shared a platonic relationship, their friendship wasn’t smooth. They fought, disagreed on varied topics, shouted at each other but they knew the tactics of reconciliation.

In late teens, Aditya felt a liking for his Fantastico friend, Neha but never disclosed his feelings. He feared that Neha might make fun of his feelings. She was a different soul, light hearted and jovial and enjoyed prying and cracking jokes or making fun of people. She loved to indulge in pranks and people were cautious of her, even teachers were in a fix because of her pranks. Many times, she was scolded and warned by the school authorities. Many times, Aditya got irritated with her and asked her to withdraw herself. It’s tough to adapt to good values and manners but difficult to come out of distractions.

Aditya nurtured soft feelings for her and his desires surged high with the passage of time. Neha was ignorant of it. Aditya waited for the proper time to heed for a relationship and in the meantime, Neha developed a liking for her senior and got involved. This act of hers hurt Aditya and he drifted apart.

He could not accept her close friend languishing in another’s company. He took a harsh decision and requested the school management to get his school building changed. With the help of his parents and school administration, it was done and gradually they lost connection in course of time.

It wasn’t easy for Aditya but he had no choice, been a well behaved boy, he never thought of taking rampant decisions. Time moved, years rolled by and Aditya moved completing his Plus Two from school and headed for further studies.

He headed for his hometown after taking a job in a giant software company and on way, he spotted a girl, whose features matched Neha’s but there was a complete transformation in her demeanour. She carried herself in grace and sophistication and well groomed. He could not believe that Neha was standing in front of him, it was the impact of years of separation of close friends. He thought so.

She waved her hand & greeted Aditya. There was a pause in their relationship, so they couldn’t carry their talks further.

Aditya moved on his seat and his fingers fiddled on the keyboards giving words to his deep feelings for his unsaid love, Neha. He spilled out his heart and a beautiful poem, “When a Girl turned into a Lady” was carved in and the peppy songs engrossed his mind and after a long pause, he was soaked in bout of happiness.

Scribbled in the praise of Neha.

It can’t come in any better way to me,

I can’t believe at all what I am sensing,

I can’t believe what I am envisioning,

The little immature, naïve, girl I knew,

Transformed into a responsible and rational sylph…?


Navigating into the remnants of past

I still remember the crazy pranks,

And the teary strokes,

But here the day is,

It makes me feel so ecstatic,

That it’s not me anymore at the delivering end,

But at the receiving end,

It’s something I always desired,

To see you in a state where I see you pampering


With Rhythms of Peppy Songs


More than what I have to pronounce,

There is more that I have to compliment,


You be bestowed with a flowering future



There’s a wish for me other than the

One’s for you,

I need you Girl coz I wouldn’t exist

Without you….!!!!

© Ila Varma 02-02-2016

Image Source: here

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