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Valentine’s Week is in and the peppy emotions overflow,
overpowering our mind and the reins of our heart throngs to set free. The mood
is on to celebrate with music and gaiety and the promotions of the Day are provoking and
it provokes me to share my poems on love with my readers.
Impact of Valentine’s Week…wrinkles are ready to set in
but still young at heart. 
Age is just a number for me.
I am sharing few of my poems written by me on love, treading
on the path of love and relationships on different dates. I have compiled in
one to share.
Wear the gown of admiration for my poems, here are they.
Poem I
Wrap Me in Your Arms
Entwining Our Souls
Caressing My Curves
Tucking My Silks Behind.
Poem II
Dark Clouds Thundering
Lightning Snaking Through
I Hold You Close & Tight
Inhaling the Fragrance of Your Presence
With Your Arms Around Me In Tight Embrace.
The Strong Winds Blowing
Brought Me Much Closer
Erasing the Boundaries Within
Fears Eloped Faraway
My Eyes Bright
Sparkling With the Drizzle of Your Love
The Heavens Blessed Us
Drenching Us in Showers of Rain
Our Lips Trembled & Quivered
You Sealed My Lips with Yours
Instilling Warmth Within
Swallowing the Nectar of Love
Hearts Entwined With the Passion of Our True Love
We Promised To Live As One Soul
Dwelling in Two Bodies
Vowed Not To Part till Death
Poem III
Our Hands Clasped
 Lips Locked
Our Bodies Melting
Under The Fire
With Each Caress of Our Love.
Poem IV
His Love
Filled Her
With Gratitude
She revered him next to God.
Poem V
Meeting her after Ages
The Feelings
Bottled inside my Core
Splinters & Blisters of Love
Painted my Heart Red.
Leaving Me in Tears
Of Happiness
In accomplishment of my Lost Love.
Poem VI

I am Thankful
You returned back my Smiles
And relieved me with all the Stress
& fears of losing!!!
 Hope I return back to my form
With your kind Support & Care
I need a Trusting Hand
Who can help me to fight?
& Win my Subdued Confidence!!!
I’m trying my best
But A Sincere Effort
Will sure bring in A Change
& Tame My Sufferings!!!
Just Be There To Hold Me
When I lose My Balance
So That I Can Stand Back
With A Wide Smile & Ease!!!
Poem VII
Butterflies fluttering
Multi-coloured wings
Hovering around,
Sucking the nectar
Of the beautiful,
Full bloomed Roses.

Just Be There By My Side
Holding Me Near & Tight
I Want To Rest My Head on Your Shoulders
Forgetting All the Worries of Life
Far Away From Dismay & Despair
I Feel Happy When You Are Near!!!
I believe you must have enjoyed reading my poems, poems on
love, relationships and a short poem on roses, they too hold their importance
in exchange of love.
I am flattered. Sshhhhh…My love affair with my words.

“You’ve gotta dance like there’s nobody watching,
Love like you’ll never be hurt,
Sing like there’s nobody listening,
And live like it’s heaven on earth.” 
― William W. Purkey

Poems are works of Ila Varma and all rights are reserved to
Ila Varma.

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