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Polythene or use of plastic is adding pollution to the
environment. Once, it was used rarely but since two decades, the use of
plastics shot high and aggravated the pollution menace. It has navigated in each and every house
rather you can say it has manifested in all spaces and who are responsible for
it. We are responsible for this menace.

Once paper was extensively used and glassware were widely
used. It made its entry by replacing glass cups with unbreakable cups, glass
bottles in fridge got replaced by Pearl pet bottle varieties, the glass saline bottle
at hospitals got replaced by PVC bottle and there are innumerable replacements
of glass, paper and metal and the whole affair started getting handled by
different varieties of PVC.
In the beginning, people welcomed because the chances of
breakage was minimal, so people got careless in handling things and now they
have got used to it.

Let’s take a small example, glass water bottles of fridge
got replaced by plastic bottles and now you will find plastic bottles littered
here and there in home space as well as at work place. There is no any risk of
breakage, so people place them anywhere, in many spaces, you will find bottles
on bed too. Height of Carelessness.

It has entered in our life as devil and even after getting
aware of the repercussions of plastic uses and imposition of ban in many
states, it is still been used widely.

I hate plastics and I use sparsely. I use steel more in my
household items, even I have Steel bottles in fridge but I do use plastics to
dispose waste materials. I am well aware of the health hazards that the use of
polythene poses and I intend to use it at the minimal. Still I have to use
sometimes because there are no alternatives to it.

My take on the usage of Polythene.

Govt. comes forward to ban the use but don’t ban the
production of the same. Double standards of government, if really we feel the
need to ban then the ban should be on manufacturing of the plastic bags, then
only people can be dissuaded to its use. Further, another option of polythene should
be introduced in the system and its manufacturing units be installed in all
parts of country and polythene bags should be replaced with cloth bags, which
is biodegradable.

People need an alternative and the government needs to
provide the same to public. The government does half work, bans the product but
manufacturing is in full swing. If it is manufactured then it is obvious that
it will circulate in the market.

I am not of the view to close the manufacturing units
instead transform them into utilization for the manufacture of new product. This
way, there won’t be any impact on
the employers or employees and it will solve the issue of the Nation.

Use of polythene is polluting the environment on the whole
and its effect is on the ecology of the environment.

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