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Turning the leaf of the album
Fingers trembled
Stopped at one figure
Age took toll on me
Image was not clear.

Wearing glasses
I strained my eyes
My princess
Was ogling at me
A brilliant smile
A radiant face
With large
Twinkling eyes
Was my dear.

Tears welled
Rolled down my face
The memories dawned near.

God was unkind
Snatched my precious princess
In one go
Without brooding
What her Mom will go.

My cute sweetie pie
Whose ringing laughter
Tickled my life
My dreams revolved
Around her.
She grew pale
Weakness enamelled her
She writhed with
Excruciating pain.

Diagnosis declared leukemia
We tried our best
To retain her life
With the best medications & doctors.

Our wishes
Our prayers
Our efforts
Our love
The Almighty took charge
Of her
She sailed to another world
To rest in peace
Free from the pain
Free from the bindings.

My heart bled
Seeing her lying
On the flower bed.

I cried
I howled
My yearnings were
Of no avail.

I saw her face
She was at peace
The same radiance
Sailing on her face.
Watching her
In tranquility
With serene looks
I was eased.

A full quarter
She had suffered
In pain
Losing zeal & zest to live ahead.

My precious gem
Was lost in crowd
Will never be back.

I calmed myself
For my princess
To be blessed
With good health
In another life.

We switch roles
Reborn as my Mom
I her princess
Once again
I savor
Treat of her company
In pink and robust health.

My ears
Long to hear
Her ringing laughter

Which was music to my ears!

© Ila Varma 25-02-2016

(Feelings of a Mother who loses her princess, she sees death closely but she is helpless.)

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