The plug has plugged all the connections into one capsule, compressing & synchronizing the world in our hands. Just a click and you are connected with the outer world from the comfort zone of air-conditioned enclosures, whether it’s your home or workplace. With the entry of smart phones, it travels where you amble, few times, it’s irritating but it has put your life alert & easy too, lessening your dependency on others and you are able to bank, connect, shop, travel, data management and many more as per your convenience, available at your service for 24*7. The world is running on your fingertips, it sounds great, isn’t it. A Boon of Internet services.

In this journey of connectivity, the boundaries beyond reach has been tampered & sublimed but somewhere near us, we have built up walls demarcating a line between relationships. I hope, you must have caught my intentions, what I mean to say. It’s true that establishing contacts with the other world, we have contracted our close relationships. We are more glued to our systems and the entry of smart phones in our life has done most of the job, it has become important part of our accessories. Even while sleeping & relieving, it’s nearby and a ping is enough to attract one’s attention. You will find family sitting together in living room, but they are only physically present, you will find them hooked on their sets & fingers fiddling on their sets and mentally they are somewhere else. The relationships are eroding fast, it strengthens with care & share. The basic relationship of a couple too has gone into a backstage because of overindulgence in online activities and they are in lack of time to submit to each other. The qualms of minds are satiated by flirting and dating online but the inner surge is suppressed and it can be one of reasons for alarming rise in stalking & sexual exploitation

Connectivity has proved to be a boon in all spheres, except the relationships, they are suffering the most and it requires extra effort & nourishment to grow firm & strong. We post messages of appreciation, birthday messages, condolence, congratulations and what not but don’t even communicate with the person with whom we are sharing our life.

Old parents are isolated in one room, food is catered on time and medical bills are taken care, but are giving them our precious time, which they need the most. They too have gone through their phase of youth and are well aware of the complexities & involvements and they don’t ask for your quality time, but don’t they deserve few moments of our free time to sit together and share our feelings. We waste our free time getting hooked on systems & sets. What is this? Are we not bothered about them or been addicted to it? It’s type of addiction and we need to wean out to understand the value of relationships.

Same is the case with the children. Both parents are working in today’s lifestyle and they spend extravagantly on their child, (here, I mention child, because new parents believe in having single child) catering all his needs, but are they giving enough quality time to them. Children needs parental guidance to grow into responsible lass.

A simple email can create or destroy a relationship. You will ask me how? If you like a person, if your heart misses a beat, without inquiring background in a bid of emotions turmoil, you pour your heart out and a button pressed and your emotions open up. In olden days, people developed likes or crush and spilled their emotions on a piece of paper, pages were written in infatuation but the message did not reach the other side and emotions upsurge were suppressed and if it was in real, then only it surpassed to the real person. Same story holds for the breakup. In a fit of rage, typing a mail sometimes mars the relationship or creates a rift into it.

I believe we need to draw a fine line between online connectivity & offline life to sustain the relationships for a long-term and even take care of our precious health and wellness. Internet is a boon for all the spheres of life but we need to plug out for some time to enhance the web of relationships with which we are directly or indirectly related. 

I am sure you will find the transformation soon, instead of increasing likes on virtual garden, photography & indulging in virtual games. Take a Break from it and nurture real gardens in the corners of your home, capture beautiful moments of family and spread out to indulge in indoor & outdoor games with your family and friends and see the Difference for yourself.

Positive Impact will radiate on your face and Heart will dance to the Music of beautiful tunes of life.

(The views expressed are solely of the author, Ila Varma)


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