“A baby is God’s opinion that the world should go on.” ― Carl Sandburg
endorse the idea put up by Mrs. Maneka Gandhi to make the foetus test mandatory
for sex determination. Hue and cry will be raised against it, because in our
country people’s reactions come first and afterwards, they try to understand
the matter. If one thinks coolly, it’s an idea to be welcomed with open arms. You
might question me, why am I supporting this view?

in our country, legally, there is a ban on foetus sex determination test to
stop female foeticide, but is this mandate followed 100%. A Big “No” and we all
know. The laws are passed and implemented but is not followed religiously, that’s
the beauty of our country. People are well habituated and they do what they

funniest thing I discover about the mentality of people, a woman is the enemy
of a woman. A woman wants to give birth only to a male child, no females. I don’t
understand how insane a person can be. Can society of only males survive? What
do they have in their mind? Will all the males of our country live as singles
or marry with the same sex?

icing on the cake is She desires beautiful bride for her son, from where she
will fetch. Is she planning to get one from Mars? Actually, the problem is with
her mind-set. It’s so attuned from the beginning to desire bearing male child only.
People need to attend awareness programs to understand that for a family, a
child is necessary irrespective of sex.

spite of ban, under the covers, scissors are used to terminate pregnancies, if
foetus test confirms a girl child. The laws of our land need to be amended for
womb wash or abortions. The term “Abortions” needs much clarity and crystal
clear policies to put a stop to female foeticide.

many countries, in initial phase of pregnancy, sex is determined and declared
to the couple, because people don’t go for abortion and it is vice versa in our
country. Here people deliberately visit for sex determination test and if they
spot a girl, they willingly go for termination of pregnancy, this is the case
under legal ban.

we revoke this ban and implement the laws which will have positive impact on
our society.

1.      Make
sex determination test mandatory for each pregnancy and the case should be
registered in records after verifying the antecedents of the expecting parents.

2.        Cross
checks will be done by the attending doctors and the file to be maintained with
the signatures of parents and the doctors.

3.        No
abortions will be allowed after sex determination tests.

4.       Abortions
to be carried only in the cases of birth defects and abnormalities of foetus,
not fit to produce.

5.        Birth
defects cases should not undergo the sex determination test.

6.       Better
that the government mandates both, birth defect tests and sex determination tests.

7.      In
birth defect test, if the foetus is found abnormal, it should be terminated    and
sex determination test should not be carried.

8.       The
data of Births and Abortions should be maintained.
It is not an easy
task, it is a daunting task and the whole machinery needs overhauling to
implement it. The proposal is good if drafted with possible possibilities and
implemented with extra care and effort. The laws need to be stringent and it
should be strictly followed to improve the statistics and status of our
country. Introduce awareness programs and educate women of society to bring a
change in their mind-sets.
We have less females
in our country in comparison to male ratio and we shouldn’t forget that the Creator
of the Universe is a Woman and she needs to be welcomed with love. Strive for a
child to add happiness in life, drop the fantasy of cherishing male child. I
believe it will have positive impact in our country and improve the condition
of our country.

(The views are solely mine and not influenced by anyone. Author Ila Varma.)

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  • I disagree…we need to change the mindset before changing the law…sometimes the situation gets worse than you can think. Females still do not have a say in family planning in India. I have seen child with major congenital anomalies being delivered just because he is a male and can/should not be aborted, can you imagine the trauma the mother went through. The in-laws say delivering a female with cesarean is absurd, should have been aborted timely or delivered normally. prenatal sex determination is not a difficult thing, Few weeks of training can turn a layman into a quack and Lifting the ban would only make it more rampant. Scan for congenital anomalies is already available but many report after 20 weeks when abortion can not be done safely. Still a large proportion is delivering babies at home even in Delhi. So, expecting compliance and finding logic in the actions of uneducated majority will only make things worse…
    Sorry for being so straightforward but being a pediatrician I have been there. Anyway, thank you for bringing it up. Nicely done:-)

    • Thanks Amit to know your views. It is a burning issue and one is bound to burn their fingers if goes near or try to touch.
      Females don't have a say in family planning, it's true to some extent but my experience says that they too are not willing to go for family planning instead they nurture a dream to have a male child, only few percentage of women discard the idea of having more children and go for sterilization.
      An abnormal child irrespective of sex shouldn't be allowed to deliver, in emotions they bring but the future of the child & parents both are dark, very few families can manage.
      To introduce anything new in this system isn't easy and I already said that the whole machinery needs to be changed to bring in new laws.
      It's a ban but mark it, still less female child is born in comparison to past when ultrasound didn't existed. The practice is there in conservative society, even I find educated girls with a mindset of having a male child. A woman despises a girl child, what an irony.
      I welcome your views. This is a platform where we can exchange the views and I chose the topic because I knew what would be coming in return. Have A Nice Day. I am not offended. 🙂

  • Instead of tackling the issue socially an ill thought out idea has been floated. Of the 125 crores of population lets presume 20 – 25 crore females are in productive stage. Who is going to monitor such number? What about deliveries outside of hospitals & nursing homes ?
    They should try to reach out to rural areas via education & social media.

  • I totally disagree!!! 🙁 I concur with Amit..

    Cheers, Archana –

    • Good that you disagree. I well presumed the reactions coming. I thought more pin & pricks will follow…only three.
      Archana…I was ready for the boomerangs.

      This is a hot coal and we are bound to burn the fingers if touched. I am happy to know the reactions and wait for many more brickbattings…Ohh…need to shied myself.
      Good day! 🙂

  • Not at all. It's a foolish move which should NOT be allowed to become a law.

    Read my views here Save The Girl Child

    • The whole set up needs to be cleaned up to stop female foeticide, till then no laws, nothing can stop this malpractice.
      I was ready for the opposition when I took to writing in affirmative on this topic.
      In abroad, the sex of a foetus is declared and no one goes for's all about mindset.
      Thanks for stopping to read n comment. Thanks.

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