Self Clicked: Our Obedient Pet Rocky

With the passage
of time, the proximity with our pet Rocky increased and the impact was evident, Fantastico Rocky’s expectation enhanced
from their masters, quite obvious.
“Love begets
love”, it came up true in its truest sense.
The dogs are
very sensitive and their assumptions are perfect, they are much ahead of this
two legged creature, man.
There were
remarkable features of Peppy Rocky,
for which my admiration for him reached heights and I feel I should share. I
had difficulty in mobility and it understood very well. The way it interacted
with me spelled out. When I would be alone in house and he needed time to
relieve, he would never run or disturb me, rather it navigated along with me at my pace. I admired his senses, it’s true,
and their senses are quite developed.
I never chided
or scolded my Fantastico doggie rather
I spoiled Rocky by been very lenient, my kids were reluctant with me for this
partial behavior of mine. If my hubby ever got angry with Rocky or intercepted it
with a stick, it would come near me and slide under my back to be saved and I saved
from been spanked and my affection enhanced for this life.
During Durga
puja, we observe fasting and take simple vegetarian food once in a day. Rocky
followed the same routine with us and remained calm and quiet for entire nine
days and never ever went near puja room, so observant our doggie was.
We passed more
than a decade together and navigated
along with it on our outings. We never left Rocky alone at home.
In Oct.2013, it
developed fever and health started deteriorating at a fast pace and it stopped
taking food. We consulted Vets to help him out but the medicines stopped acting
on it. We arranged for saline drip, but nothing helped him out. Gradually, it
became weak day by day and its movement restricted. It moved his eyes only, we
tried our best but nothing worked out and finally, it breathed its last on 3rd
Nov.2013 severing the ties with us forever. In last ten days, it suffered a lot
and the sight to see it suffering was unbearable.
It was a long
association and I could not hold back my tears, it flowed out. With time, we
had developed love and affection and our routine revolved around it. The
bonding was severed but the memories are still intact.
It was difficult
to get out of the association shared but time is the best healer and gradually
it healed. Rocky was very obedient one, never hurt anyone or never messed
things at home, it was well disciplined.

From my
experiences I’ve tucked that the dogs are one of the most faithful life on
earth and once you adopt, it will be with you lifelong and never ever leave you
even if you don’t take care. We can forget to take care but they never forget
to take care of their masters, much ahead of human.
We need to learn few things from this faithful creature.

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