Thursday, February 4, 2016

Rendezvous with My Fantastico Pet & Family- Part III

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After kids ventured out for higher studies, we were stranded with Rocky, cute & obedient one. Our life revolved around his routine and he was lucky to receive attention from two of us. We missed our kids, but the company of Fantastico Rocky helped us to manage our emotional turmoil. Now mostly my hubby used to stay in town, his profile was enhanced, cutting his long tours & monitored most of his work from head office. He was bestowed with a new responsibility of tackling our pet Rocky. A strange and strong bonding developed between the two & the direct impact was on me, I felt left out, feeling of insecurity gripping in. You can say rather a mental blockage and I would taunt my hubby for devoting his free time to Rocky & it’s expectation enhanced day by day.

I felt it had developed a sense of insecurity after the kids left, maybe it thought that we two would leave him behind as the kids did. He developed typical habits, which left me bewildered at times. He would sleep near my hubby; duo slept facing each other & at any time of the hour if he got up from bed, Rocky too would be up looking at him with attentive eyes. He would run after him wherever he moved within the house or outside, so all the time he was followed by this gem. The height of craziness was that it would not spare him for the loo n if he took longer time inside, it would knock continuously or scratched the door with paws till he was out. There were tremendous changes in its habits & I watched its typical habits with glee. 

I  passed remarks  jokingly that Rocky was his new love, getting mad for him at this juncture of life. He too agreed with me n laughed out at its strange habits that Rocky was developing with the passage of time, growing more affectionate of his master, it seemed they were in close pact with each other. Till he was at home, Rocky would be with him, navigating each corners he went. 

When we started for our office, it would sit quietly in the balcony on his designated seat, sulking. It was too accustomed with our routine & whole day, it maintained silence & guarded the house carefully.

Rocky would be very noisy on the outsiders, it would bark continuously till they were attended by us & no outsiders could barge in the campus, none dared.

As soon as we were back, it would be at its best enjoying with us. He was better than human & never ever touched any eatables offered by anyone, other than us. I know dogs are very sensitive and faithful to their masters but few habits & ways were quite different from other dogs.

If anyone would speak with us in high pitch or sounded high, Rocky would be enraged & could even bite the offenders, it was very careful for his master. I felt a sense of bonding with Rocky and a good engagement to pass free time. It had adapted in our routine & followed it religiously & even we two have adapted ourselves as per him, so in a way we three gelled well.That's it...The impact of close can say.

I wondered at its instincts, When we were out on duty, it remained peaceful &  alert in delivering duties but there were one two instances when we got late due to traffic jam. We were late by approx. one and half hour & in the meantime Rocky was so anxious that he barked continuously blowing out the peace of the colony. The impact was that the neighbors were out of wits and many called us to know about our whereabouts and they did inform us about the anxiety of our pet understood the timings...wonderful creature, far better than human.

We both were alert of our timings to return to home to attend our pet and we tried to adhere to it. Even if we had to go on outings on special occasions, we took care to be back at home and feed him, then only we went on our special assignments. It was our growing attachment & commitment to our Fantastico pet, Rocky.

To be continued...

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