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I went to Delhi for routine checkup and
I was out of town for three days. When I came back, I found a cute puppy, fur
as white as snow waiting on the doorway. I was quite surprised but I well knew who
the people were behind to fetch this new member. The way it glanced at me with
cute eyes, I couldn’t stop myself from cuddling this new fantastico member. I accepted it as my third child. The three great
members of my family heaved a sigh of relief and a contended smile sailed on
their faces, who were bit perturbed and anticipated that they might face the
music for their secret plan hatched among father & son. In the back of
their minds, they knew that the plan hatched by them would work, not work but
run & it did.

My kids, Mridul & Tuktuk got a new company in their entourage & they
enjoyed with Fantastico Rocky named by my hubby. All were contended with the
new member and busy navigating all round the home and the campus, showing off their new found happiness to their close aides. The doggie was just a month old & needed extra care, and I was
more alert to get it vaccinated on prescribed time, feeding on time and toilet
training etc. So, now my time was fractioned among four members and I couldn’t
neglect any one of them.

My job was more challenging as a full
time housewife, mother and a beloved. I would be on my toes throughout but I
adored giving in my best for all. I felt contended.
Along with my kids, Rocky grew up and it
was one of the most obedient member of the family, much better than my kids who
used to falter some time but this one never did. It religiously stuck to it’s
routine of food, playing and toilet, many times I would set examples of Rocky
to my sons, at times they would be baffled n get irritated on me that they were
been compared with this. I was the most amused one among four.

Rocky was the center of attraction &
each one of us was attentive for him. Gradually, kids learnt the tricks of
taking care of Rocky and it enjoyed in their group. Most of time, three
musketeers were found together. Rocky was the happiest one, getting care from
all members, a lucky one and wagging his tail, it demonstrated its happiness.

My kids outgrew my lap and moved out of
the nest for higher studies, so we two & Rocky was left behind and it
became our center of attraction. I joined a job so that my precious time could
be well spent & could earn respectable bucks to pamper the growing demands
of family.

To be continued….

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This blog post is inspired by the blogging marathon hosted on IndiBlogger for the launch of the#Fantastico Zica from Tata Motors. You can apply for a test drive of the hatchback Zica today.

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