Thursday, February 4, 2016

Rendezvous with My Fantastico Pet & Family- Part I

                                        Snap from an Old Album- Me with Kitty        

I am fond of canines since my childhood days and had reared two of them independently in my student life, the first one been the Dachshund breed, “Kitty,” very meek n shy as her name & the next Cross Alsatian, “Beauty”,  a mischievous one & or it can be said not so obedient as Kitty. I adored them and my free time went off with them in rearing& playing with them. I loved their company; I was fonder of my dogs than my siblings.
Losing them was a setback for me; though they parted after living for whole life span nearly twelve years but the pain of parting I felt the most because I was very much attached with them. At that time I felt as if I had a lost a part of me and with time, the gap filled up but I vowed not to keep pets anymore. It’s difficult to detach with the attachments. I finished off with my studies and the time arrived to get hitched.
I moved into a new family with new set of people & environment. To my surprise, even my hubby was a dog lover. It seemed to be a coincidence and he insisted that we keep pets. He was well acquainted with my liking's for dogs. Initially, I turned down the offer on some flimsy grounds and ensured that we will get them in near future when we move to a bigger house. In initial days of marriage, I was keener on spending time with my hubby and fulfilling the dreams that I had chased for this auspicious days of my life. Everyone in their prime time of youth has numerous dreams stored for this day and I wished to live for them.
In few years we were blessed with two cute fantastico sons, who kept me occupied for maximum hours of my life. To my utter surprise when they were playschool goers, they started insisting on getting pet for the family and that too a dog. I came to the conclusion that we were a family of pet lovers and more so we all had inkling for a dog & I related the incident with my father who was a Vet. Doctor so genetic factor ruled in the family. There was an impact in our genes. It would often amuse me & a smile pursed on my lips with this weird thought that haunted my mind off & on.
The demand for keeping dog grew more intense on me with passing time. All three pestered me to get one at that very moment, I surfaced as the villain. Actually at that very moment, I was not keen to get one, been aware of the demands of keeping a pet. I had reared them so I well knew the challenges that we are fraught with, in day to day life. I had a liking but I was well aware with the cumbersome routine of keeping a pet. I was the only one, who had to manage whole family, the house, hubby who was mostly on tours because of official assignments, my over demanding kids, I insist on over because they were still very young and couldn’t manage a thing without me. With these three, I was already over occupied and rarely got a chance for myself. I evaded till I could manage.

To be continued....

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