Thursday, February 18, 2016

Impact of Online Shopping

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There was a time when people panicked to go for online shopping, fearing they might be misled about the product or they would be cheated and the article purchased won’t be delivered. One word was more apt for online shopping, “fraud” and none agreed to navigate the sites.

Online transactions were regarded to be a fraud, even till today, the people of 50’s & 60’s don’t have faith in online shopping or transactions. They believe that they will be duped and will face the music of losing their hard earned money.

Off and on, news of embezzlement of funds and cheating enkindles their notion of online shopping and transactions. Security concern is the main issue with online shopping and people are still vulnerable about it.

In the beginning, even I had a fear regarding product quality, quantity and banking transactions. When I was hooked on the net for long, many peppy and lucrative products popped up, off and on the screen and caught my attention and the long list of Sms followed on the mobile. I started navigating the sites to discover more of it and the craze to shop online fascinated me but it wasn't easy to come out of an unknown fear.
The peppy schemes and fantastico  products could not keep me off for long and finally, I gave up my resolution of not navigating in online shopping and I tried my luck by placing my first order on Flipkart to buy books. I am a book lover and very possessive about my books. I believe in buying books and neither do I borrow books to read nor do I lend books…only special ones are lucky to get my books…don’t ask me to share the names, I won’t be able to, it’s a top secret.

I mustered courage to place the order and I did with great caution putting in minimum details of mine and went for COD transactions, till then I wasn’t sure whether I will receive the books in my hand or not. I thought COD was the best, you pay when you receive and your money is safe. It was my first online order and I had not shared my experience of online shopping with others, be at home or at office…doubting that people might laugh at my foolishness. 

I waited eagerly for the parcel and finally it arrived in my office…all eyes were on parcel and a big question mark on their face. The delivery boy asked for the money…a fear was stopping me to pay him before checking the parcel. The delivery boy was adamant that he will let us open the parcel only after receiving the money and handing over of the parcel. My doubt was gaining ground, now I was sure that there is something fishy about the parcel…it was the fear of online order. After tussle with the boy, I gave up thinking that how much I will lose, Two hundred…only Rs.200. I was happy to receive the book in good shape and the bar of confidence was raised for online shopping and I found easy for buying books of my choice. The impact of online shopping was positive.

I have a habit of buying books for a minimum of five hundred rupees in a month and it saved my energy and time to roam hither-thither for getting the books of my choice. In the comforts of my office and home, I indulged in shopping and was updated about the new releases and lucrative schemes going in the market. My shopping was confined to books because there was not a quality issue with the book and the COD facility saved my banking details to be encrypted in the system. Initially, I did not had internet connectivity at home and I was dependent on the connectivity of the office, so to be safe from hacks and other nuisances as aired on news, I went for COD.

The online shopping craze made me more courageous to venture out for other products and soon, I started buying many things of my choice from Amazon, Myntra, Jabong, Peppefry…the names on the list grew. I started buying clothes, furnishings, cosmetics, lingerie’s of my choice, mobile recharge, gifts and cakes on special occasions, online fund transfer and ended buying furniture’s online.

I find buying peppy lingerie online more comfortable, at shops, many roving eyes pry on you while you indulge in buying and it makes you conscious and has to close the transaction in hurry. Online buying was easy as you can compare the different types and colours and you don’t have to hurry. You have ample time to navigate and discover. If there is a misfit, you have an option to return the product and get another one.

I follow two three tricks to be safe in online shopping spree:

  •       First transaction is always a COD on a new online shopping site.
  •      I never store any bank data on sites.
  •      I erase history from the system, especially if I am using system in office.
  •      Change my password often and make sure that I receive sms of each and every transactions.

In my circle of family and friends, I am called guru of online shopping and I try to avail maximum discounts offered online. Maximum transactions have been up to mark except for one or two. The product has been returned or exchanged on priority, if it was a breakage issue or an issue of misfit.

I am quite comfortable with online shopping and I don’t have to venture out in adverse weather for shopping. Mobile is recharged on time, bills are timely paid, fund is transferred on time, gifts and cakes are delivered on special occasions surprising my near and dear ones.

I am out of fear of the repercussions of online shopping, rather it is a boon to me. In the comforts of my space, I navigate the sites in solitude enjoying the lucrative offers and schemes and latest additions of products in the market. I don’t have to buy always to see rather I spend lot of time to view the products and no salesperson is hovering to close the transactions. I am free to navigate on the links.

Online shopping keeps me off from boredom and I don’t have to depend on my support staff to venture out for shopping stuff. I love to dwell and navigate the online shopping sites and it is a good stress booster at times when I feel low. You don’t have to bother for sun tan or rashes stepping out on roads for shopping.

Think of Pizza and hot Pizza is at your doorstep…enjoy the peppy taste of Pizza in air-conditioned space of only yours and you can share with the person you love to be with…Isn't it cool.

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  1. I like online shopping... some times u get very good deals... and it is fun anyways ;)

    Cheers, Archana -

    1. everyone at my place waits for the surprises, off n on delivery boy dumps something or the other. even my neighbours know my craze of online shopping.

    2. everyone at my place waits for the surprises, off n on delivery boy dumps something or the other. even my neighbours know my craze of online shopping.

  2. Not surprisingly, everyone is putting their money on e-commerce. Now almost everything is available online. Just shop from home. It couldn't get more comfortable, especially for shopaholics. If you have noticed, now a days no one is irritated by spam, unlike earlier days. Because the big discount offers too land in the Spam folder.

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