Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Oh, I Am in Love!!!

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The heart goes berserk, how it happens and when it will happen no one knows, if it pulsates for real true love. True love takes time to develop and if it is real, it lingers till the last breath of life and it knows only to chase without expectations…unconditional. The heart will follow its own rhythms and it grows peppy with time and music follows navigating the lanes of admiration and love.

Love does not seek introduction and it cannot be encased within boundaries, it flows freely in its own recourse and dreams turn rosy and the radiance can be seen on the face of the person in love.

The words of Plato holds true, “At the touch of Love everyone becomes poet.”

Dig out romantic love poems and stories, you will feel Plato was right in his saying.
If we trudge down the meanders of past, you will find its essence true.

The lady Mira Bai, a true devotee, admirer and lover of Krishna who sacrificed her life for Sri Krishna was her true love without expectations, giving more and more. Her poems that she sung in praise of her lover is admirable till today. Her love for Sri Krishna was spiritual, something unrealizable in this world of today. I touched her just to prove what love does to a person.

In this world of today, where love means public display of emotions, none will find someone willing to go the extent of Meera Bai. Even today’s Romeos aren’t worth of it....wink wink.

Romantic novels that drives readers emotional are the people who have been in love and the stories reflects the intensity of their exquisite emotions, however hard one tries, one cannot go into the realms of it till the person has experienced at any point of time.

The impact of emotions is directly proportional to the emotions experienced…I hope you will agree.

The moment you navigate into the world of love, wonderful feelings paints the canvas of your heart and you tap your feet on the peppy tunes of the music and a sweet smile sails on your face and the world looks lovely and colourful. You soar high in the realms of love and admiration.

Everything is the same around, it is the change of your heart that makes the world around you beautiful and you are charmed by the sacred feeling.

In this fast paced life, the love too navigates at a rapid pace and you are hooked with your beloved on mobiles, hanging out on hangouts and meeting in malls and parks, enjoying ice-creams, chocolates and movies.

In charm of my love, I wrote few lines in admiration of my love, humming peppy tunes in ecstasy of love & my fingers strummed on the strings of guitar and my heart navigated into the beautiful lanes of faith and love….If this is Love then I am truly in, rising and falling with each caress of love. 

The impact of my Love expressed in my words....Enjoy reading.

Oh, I Am in Love!!! 

His Infectious Smile

Fluttered the Strings

Of my Heart

Rhythm Rippled

In the Air

Fire of Love

Encased my Heart

Dreams got Wings

To Soar & Soak

In the Expressions of Love

Navigating in the Domain of Desire

Oh, I am Sailing in Boat of Love

Strumming the Peppy Music 

Of Passion

On My Guitar.

© Ila Varma 02-02-2016

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