A loud peppy music and the sound of tingling anklets drew my attention. I was in kitchen cooking lunch for my children which were expected to arrive by 3 pm. It was already two –thirty pm. The sound at this odd hour surprised me, because I was alone in the house.  Who could be in the room at this hour of the day? My heart missed a bit and I felt a shiver rising in my spine. Indeed, it was a matter of concern.

I felt my heart in my mouth. Who was there in the room and how the intruder managed to enter?  I could see the back of a girl dancing on the tune tapping feet in rhythm from the door slightly ajar. I was speechless and motionless and the impact was that hot flushes  sauteed  my body with fear.

I strained and restrained my eyes to recover from the bouts of doubt and recognize the figure. I managed to overcome my fear and ambled near the door to find out the figure dancing. As I neared, I felt like I knew the figure. It was of someone close to me. Tip toed, I reached near and tried to say something. I felt my throat parched with fear, still I tried to raise my voice forcefully and “Stop please” vented out from my mouth.

The figure stopped and turned towards me. I was aghast to see my son, Pintu dressed in his sister’s dress and a loud makeup navigated on his face. At first, I could not believe my ears. Even those eyes couldn’t meet mine, Pintu was standing with head hung down.

I felt my head spinning and I cried out loud, “Hey, what have you done? Is anything wrong with you?” and lunged forward to switch off the music system.

Few instances rolled by in front of my eyes. I didn’t see through his typical ways and never paid heed to it. But now it was clear to me and I was able to solve the mystery of his mysterious ways of enacting. I was at fault. Why couldn’t I see through? Was I feigning or was reluctant to accept the fact his abnormal behaviour? Strange questions shrouded my mind.

He fancied for the dresses of girls and did not mingle with the boy’s lot, rather preferred to be alone. I did not judge him. I took him as an introvert and felt that he would grow up out of this weird habit with the passage of time.

I was wrong. He was not a normal child.

I throttled him into the bathroom and asked him to wash his face and change the clothes fast before anyone dropped in.

I need to visit the doctor and get him checked. There was serious issue which nobody knew, till today even I wasn’t sure of it.

Black dark clouds perturbed my vision…It wasn’t the clouds, an unknown fear was gripping me.

Oh Gosh, Why my son….Nobody knew that my son wasn’t a normal guy.

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