Saturday, February 6, 2016

Navigation Into The Past - Part 7

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I hid behind a tree, and asked her to collect gift from my friends at the Gate and what happened next, was not in the hatched plan.

“Hey!!” someone shouted loud behind me. I turned, and it was My Fantastico Meher.

I stood expressionless, didn’t know how to react, Happy but gawky , this was the impact. And Fantastico Meher, laughing loud, pulling back the strands over her ear, covered in a jacket and a cap, her nose rosy red with biting cold. All I managed was a never ending blush and smile.

We sat down on the stairs at the gate, and grabbed hot cups of tea from a typical tea stall at the corner. For a while, we both were quiet for some time. This had happened, it was tough for both of us to believe, and our hearts brimmed with happiness.

And for the boy, this was the moment of his life. Under the dark, starry sky, it seemed a dream come true, a reel of a movie unfolded, I was speechless. That very moment, I realized that the small gestures of life gives immense joys that too if your suppressed desires are near to fulfilment. The feeling is indescribable and an unknown buoyancy clutches you.

I remember racing  a rickshaw wala on the last day of the trip in late evening, with the set of first & only set of roses ever gifted to someone, set of her favorite chocolates, and a greeting card which said “ For Someone who is always Special”.

Sharing parathas in the same plate, seeing her eat ‘panipuri’ slipping of her mouth, meeting her on the last day when all things around seemed to melt, like they never existed before. All the boy could see, was the most beautiful girl in the world draped in a cream color shawl, composed eyes as she accepted the flowers and accompanied him. His heart danced to the tune of the music flowing inside the cage of his heart, the emotional numbers stirred at a rapid pace. To be true, had either stayed for a little while more, emotions would have overflowed.

The Boy crossed the busy highway, humming “Ankhon mein Teri” from OSO, wiping his tears. It was indeed a very emotional moment.
And the train’s wheel screeched and the final journey came to an end to the same lanes of the college. And Life, moved on….

The Story of the two navigated through the beautiful meanders of life, though it dint end as the perfect ending, but it gave a lot of beautiful moments to cherish and snatched many along with it too.

Things have totally changed. The Boy and the Fantastico Girl both exist. They parted on a good note when they realized that they could be good friends but not fitted to be soul-mates. The picture of togetherness was captured in their hearts and the moments of togetherness will be cherished forever.

Very few guys are lucky to complete their love-story…..the puppy love is mostly left incomplete and off and on, the soul navigates down the by lanes and the crush of the hearts emits sweet fragrance.

The incomplete story concludes.

© Ila Varma 2015

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