“You were right, it’s not worth to keep expectations from
you”, Meher said & disappeared.

A sudden haze froze the moment, shuffled time and I navigated into the back lanes.

I stepped down the train at Nizammudin Delhi. It was the
chilliest evening I had ever come across. 
A sophomore college student with some change in his wallet, had arrived
in the capital of India in January. It was freezing, I remember waiting for a
local friend who was to pick me up from the station, but he was running late.
So I hung there around for a moment, walking to and fro on the same platform.
Here I was, miles away from the place I belonged, to reach out, and to meet
someone I considered extremely special in my life.

There were a lot of questions in mind, but I had promised to
keep all of them at bay from my mind, until this trip ended. I checked my
wallet, planned my stay with the 1500 bucks I had & saved a little more. In
between all this planning, Rishab arrived & we left for Noida, the place
where I had to stay in this little secret trip.

I remember hanging my face out of the overcrowded DTC bus,
chilly air almost kept slapping my face as I glanced through the mammoth temple
on the way.

This was like a movie, like a dream, travelling miles from
your college to see you may be possible someone of the future. Each moment that
the bus drew close to the city, I could feel my heart thudding  at the same speed.
Love was all dominated by the fierce & fearless mind of a teenager, trying
hard to crack the code of the most complex emotion – Love.

We checked in at Vikram’s place, whose questions were
obvious. His place of stay was on the 4th floor of an old building, but the
view, it was plain beautiful. I could see her college directly from there, I
could see the lights in the dark and cold 1800 Hrs. Delhi sky. I packed up, got
ready, swabbed with the ice cold water and left to meet her. All this while,
this was a surprise. In a way, I too had surprised myself travelling miles
alone for nothing, but only her. Such was the feeling, so strong and pure, that
it never asked a question.

I remember the discussions in Raj’s room where close
friends kept asking questions visualizing wrong possibilities. Here I was, where
till now, everything had gone too exact as per the plan.

We walked out, through the lanes of Delhi and to be
truthful, even these small packed lanes seemed like a rose garden, even shit
appeared aromatic.

Oh how deep I was in the feeling, lost in it, like a baby in
mother’s womb, circling in the same area, lost in it. I was smiling for no
reason, at the same time had a lot of consciousness of not screwing up this
meet. We reached, my heart was racing, and it had lost control, waiting for her
first glance after years. Years of knowing, being connected, but being distant
and unknown to what we shared.

The next part follows!!!

© Ila Varma 2015
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