Saturday, February 6, 2016

Navigation Into The Past - Part 5

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Within 2-3 days, the palpitations were over & the ten digits were exchanged. This was being Lucky, & why not, after all he had waited for it and still he had so many things to opine and express. Nothing felt more special than calling the Fantastico lady of his life, Meher. There were numerous beats of peppy music flowing and the endless cerebrations of dreamy exchanges.

"Hullo”, & the rest carried on from her, if his wishes were to be true, he would have listened to her tone forever and just passing a smile seeing the sky studded with bright stars above and which existed for him now.

Rohit's edginess to pass on his message to the love of his life kept scratching him from inside, but an unknown fear did not let him do and he was letting it go for the matter of his heart, that’s all he wanted instead of losing her. He sent her an idol of Lord Ganesha just before the start of her first semester. It was amazing, how he had changed. It was an impact of love for his lady. A guy who never wanted to visit a temple, was now just living in it & with it. The Days kept on rolling and the trust between the two was maturing. Rohit was now someone, Meher entrusted, but the fact was yet to be delivered. Love kept amplifying, it was as if Rohit was now living with a heart which was beating for Meher only, and he had forgotten all. Life to him had just one meaning ~ "Meher”. After being through enough of the long distance chit-chat, Rohit planned of something others just would not have pictured. He plotted his surprise trip to her place after the semester, his first semester to be precise, who in the world would have missed a trip home. Rohit's friends were just shell shocked to come to know of it. The irony of this trip was that he planned to go through the general reservations 'coz of no proper savings.
“They empty your pockets in there, they will throw you out of it, they'll kidnap you", the truthful but funny for the moment statements kept hailing from his pals who went to drop him at the junction.
“It'll be fun guys, After all Everything is fair in Love & War “, Rohit announced & so announced the horn of the train that it was ready to go.

“I am sorry Mum-Dad", he consoled himself for breaking their trust in him & set out on the capriciously sketched out journey.

Rohit carried one luggage out of which most of it was meant for the lady. Quite amazing how this story was shaping up, where the guy had just given in everything to make the lady believe, he was the one aspiring to make her his own.

The Train slipped past the platform, and it departed for a story which was waiting in the future and his favourite peppy music playing in his iPod soothed his heart, which was thumping at the thought of his girl, Meher. He closed his eyes and the soft breeze flowed on his face with the moving train.

The next part follows!!

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