Saturday, February 6, 2016

Navigation Into The Past- Part 3

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The board examinations went off well, and the entrances were nearing. The day came, IIT JEE, and with all the efforts he had put in for, he had to answer. The day was good, and he returned back home with a hope to make it to the dream gates. He was doing this for his parents, for the love seemed to have ended.

Rohit appeared for more entrances, and what happened next at another entrance was something he had never thought of. It was VIT's entrance examination when Rohit reached his centre that Sunday. The walk down to the gates seemed normal when he saw something he could not believe. The list on which the sitting arrangement was displayed, had a girl wrapped in blue top checking it. Struck in disbelief, Rohit could not believe the thumping of his heart that he felt at that particular moment.

"It’s M-E-H-E-R", his heart cried out and the beat seemed to take his breath away.

Almost as happens in maximum flicks, the whole thing seemed to stand still, when Rohit's eyes struck on his fantastico Meher and the peppy music started its rhythm in the background. He was standing dumb. She greeted him with a broad smile and as the hero walked in towards his love, the villain had already set in, none other than her father. The gates opened for their purpose, and Rohit almost mapped Meher's building in which she had been allotted. This exam seemed tough, Rohit rubbed his brains into the paper and submitted it. The impact of not doing well was the distractions because of sudden appearance of his girl, Meher. With little disappointment of not doing so well in the exam, Rohit went outside and stood under the shade of a huge Gulmohar tree.

The bell rung, and Rohit was searching a girl wrapped in blue. He kept looking at all the blues in search of his life and the moment came when life walked in. She came in small footsteps, and the smile that had kept Rohit spirited for her memories engraved in his heart.

"How are you?” the same question the stupid asked.

"Good, and you?” said Meher, her words seemed like spreading a fragrance around.

Rohit was lost, lost in her grin, he was dumbstruck because it was thousands of those dreams he had seen her in and now it stood in reality.

"", he said and both laughed to perfect timing.

Every step he walked with her towards the gate, seemed an era in itself. He did not know what to say, both seemed the same.

"Dad's here, I've to go”, said the girl in blue.

"I do not know what goes on ahead in life. For the smallest of gifts that I can give to you, is a wish that you remain happy all your life", said a lyrical Rohit bidding bye to his peppy dreams.

She walked past the gate, and turned around just before she left. Her eyes had a strange calmness, it seemed as if she had gone through a lot.

With emotions bursting out in Rohit's heart, he cried out to say.

"We'll meet again", an elated Rohit said.

The next part follows!!

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