Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Navigation Into The Past - Part 4

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Meher left the junction again, & Rohit was again left stranded. What he had gained, were a few more moments which were added to his what had become a strange love story, if it was one. It was almost five years since it had begun, a story which began at an age where her name was nothing less than an angel in a story, and today it meant something which needed a Juliet to praise. What made it even harder to understand was that even without his love in his hold, he kept it alive. This meant just two possibilities, either he hadn't seen the world or he had decided not to see with open eyes.

Rohit, had a crucial journey ahead, the results getting public. It took guts to digest his failures, the dream gates of IIT remained a dream. Even the NITs asked him to come back next year, Rohit was facing this for the first time, and for it was the first time where he had to fight among the reservations in India. Every time Rohit walked back home after results, life seemed tougher. The faith on his parents' faces was the only symbol of courage left around, but still it seemed hard to digest the failures. With one last entrance remaining, Rohit chipped in applying every rule in the book, and finally the lass felt of some worth after securing a seat in a progressive engineering college across a different state. With a determination in his eyes & a promise in his soul, the lass walked in to the streets where many had found & lost themselves. It seemed tough. Anyways, life had different plans for him yet again.

Two months into the first semester when an about to be Engineer was busy with Orkut, a wave just came in which lashed his entire circuits. The recent visitors' list had a name "Meher#finding my soul#", Rohit's long lost breath was here again. Life seemed to have given a spark again, and this time it was not just a spark, rather a spike to be precise. In two hours of sensing her presence, Rohit's life seemed to have got a heavenly touch to it. He couldn't resist his emotional anxiety and he passed down as many as fifty messages at a stretch to Meher.

"Yes, It’s me only duffer”, was the reply when Rohit checked his mailbox an hour later.
Life could not have been any better, Rohit thanked God, for he now believed in its existence. It seemed as if the floodgates had opened & flooded it all with LOVE.

Within 2-3 days, the palpitations were over & the ten digits were exchanged. This was being Lucky, & why not, after all he had waited for it, but still, he had things to say and express. Nothing felt more special than calling the lady of his life for the first time, for each ring in the cycle, there were a thousand beats and endless thought of dream conversations.

"Hullo”, & the rest continued from her, if he was to wish, he could have listened to her tone forever and just smile seeing the heaven above which now existed for him there.

Rohit's anxiety to pass on his heart to the love of his life kept scratching him from inside, but he feared of the unwanted, and so, he just letting life go along as it wanted to. He sent her an idol of Lord Ganesha just before her first semester, it was amazing how he had changed. A guy who never wanted to visit a temple, was now just living in it & with it. The Days kept on rolling, and the trust between the two kept growing, Rohit was now someone Meher deeply trusted, but the fact was yet to be delivered. Love kept amplifying, it was as if Rohit was now living with a heart which was beating for Meher only, and he had forgotten all. Life to him had just one meaning ~ "Meher”. After being through enough of the long distance chit-chat, Rohit planned of something others just would not have. He plotted his surprise trip to her place after the semester, his first semester to be precise, who in the world would have missed a trip home. Rohit's friends were just shell shocked to listen to it, the irony of this trip was that he planned to go through the general reservations 'coz of no proper savings." They empty your pockets in there, they will throw you out of it, they'll kidnap you", the truthful but funny for the moment statements kept coming from his pals who went to drop him at the junction." It'll be fun guys, After all Everything's fair in love & war “, was the line Rohit announced & so announced the horn of the train that it was ready to go.” I am sorry Mum-Dad", he consoled himself & set out on the freakishly sketched out journey.

Rohit carried one luggage out of which half of it was meant for the lady. Quite amazing how this story was shaping up, where the guy had just given in everything to just make the lady believe, he was the one.

The Train slipped past the platform, and it departed for a story which was waiting in the future and his favourite peppy music playing in his iPod soothed his heart, which was thumping at the thought of his girl, Meher. He closed his eyes and the soft breeze flowed on his face with the moving train.

The next part follows!!

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